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Ive realised an epic shift over the last two years or so....

Back in the day, using old-school RSD techniques, the focus for me was always on getting a one night stand and instant pull- "no time for 'day 2s'  etc". On the surface this originally looked like a reflection of my 'persistance'. However, in hindsight,  it seems much deeper. Using routines and 'lines' meant that my confidence was derrived from my 'game' and my subsequent success from it. I justified not getting girls' numbers because I always told myself I was 'too busy'. In actual fact, it was because I felt like I always had to 'game'. If i spent too much time with the girl, I was subconsciously scared that they would realise the real chode that I was. Even after I'd fucked a girl I still felt like I needed to 'do something' to keep them attracted........ironically, this is the most UNATTRACTIVE thing you can ever do. For these reasons, a one night stand was perfect, keeping my ego and sense of self intact.

After you tap into your core cofindence, these ideas become the most foreign and wack concpets you can ever imagine. They become just plain silly. At first you get annoyed at yourself for being so stupid, however you soon realise that this progression was needed and wouldn't change the journey for anything.
The biggest difference however, is the change in LIFESTYLE that you achieve. Instead of going out and truly pushing for ONS all the time, you become much more indifferent. Often times LOGISTICS and other factors simply make ONS impractical for me (and the girl). I use to loose sets because I was too pushy. I am now indifferent because I know eventually I will end up fucking the girl. Its INEVITABLE. I also know that I will most likely be going home with someone else anyway. For this reason, a goodbye and "nice to meet you, get home safe" text is sufficient. KNOWING that you will fuck her later and letting her go for now, is to me, a TRUE 'ABUNDANCE' MINDSET. Normally, they/you will msg and meet up with you/them the next week anyway.......and if not, guess what...........depending where you live (especially if she is a hot girl), there are only a few 'hot clubs' at any one you will no doubt run into her later anyway (call it 'fate' to her ). When you do, I promise there will then be "OMG its you!!" and then make out deluxxe times if you have expressed yourself correctly. Attraction has had time to fester and build in her mind~ and shits just hotter for it.........

Not only this, you are also able to have good times and be able to simply enjoy their company as well, WITHOUT the constant pull of EGO VALIDATION. This joy should never be underestimated.

After a while, you have a lifestyle that you have worked hard for and DESERVE.

Enjoy a girl tonight.

Note: Dont get me wrong, I am still persistantly pushing for ONS, Im just not attached to it.
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Even after I'd fucked a girl I still felt like I needed to 'do something' to keep them attracted........

Haha dude I red those articles of david deangelo, and he said you can never be your real self. It's a luxery you cant afford, you always have to be cocky funny if you want to keep a relationship. And as a noob who didnt knew better, I was overdoing it so eventually she felt like shit because I was always negging on her too much cocky no funny. And we broke up after 3 months.
I am glad that I have my common sense back, but it was part of the process and I wouldnt change it. 
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yeah..  I like to let things flow naturally.. last week I pushed too hard for the FC and eventually I got nothing. While I know if I hadn't rushed and let things evolve naturally... I would have ended up fucking her. Anyway ar those moments are good learning points. Don't push the natural rhythm. Be with the moment.
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