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Since the hotseat I have been pondering a couple of things. Some of these things occurred to me at the time and some a couple of days later.

What I liked about the Hotseat was that you saw the instructors fail or they came up against resistance and you saw how they overcome it. How they deal with the stuff girls throw at them throughout an interaction.

For example, how Jeffy dealt with the English girl in San Fran - he persisted. He had an answer for every test she gave him - he didn't get mad or all butthurt and shuffle off with his tail between his legs and his head down.

Same thing with Tyler and this fiery Latino woman. I liked the way he came up to another girl and he said 'that's right. I'm the next idiot' he countered or pre-empted the shit they gave him.

Women will more often than not be frosty towards you intially 'who the hell is this guy?'
They will throw tests at you constantly.

You have to emotionally disconnect from any of that shit.
It's not personal - easier to say than it is to do I know, but what's the point in getting angry and all pissed off about it.
She'll just laugh at you because she got to you -she sucked you into her little game and you played right into it. She got inside your head. 
Likewise if you get all hurt by it and shuffle off with your head down - she'll think your pathetic.


The biggest lessons I learnt are:

1. I didn't see anything that I couldn't do. Again it's about permission to behave/act in a certain way. I don't mean that in an arrogant way. Having watched the footage all that separates me from them is experience and skill level.
Skill comes from consistent practise. Confidence comes from experience.
2. Like Ozzie said in his book. This whole thing is simple - not easy but simple. See girl, find her attractive, approach, talk, escalate, close.
3. The rejections - this is what this guy might do in this situation. This is how Alex deals with it when she does this. This is howe Jeffy would behave when she says this. This is how Tyler responds to this and so on.
Watching the footage I could think back to similar situations that I have encountered and think 'aah right! That's what I could have done that time when...'
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Hey man didn't realise you were at hotseat, I was too.

I'm gonna give it a month or so to post up my 'review' so I can give a decent idea of how it has actually helped me in terms of skill level and results.

I'm really taken aback by the vibe in some of these Jeffy HotSeat reviews, especially the whole thing about the hotness of the chicks. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure Jeffy clearly stated that some of the girls weren't the hottest but it was the best visual and audio they had on camera that showed the principles the clearest, the same principles that are at work when talking to hotter chicks, don't get what all the confusion is about lol.

Anyway man cool review, I'll be keeping an eye on your journal :)

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Yeah man I was on the right hand side of the room.

I did get something from it so I'm happy that I attended. Don't get me wrong the St Patrick's day girl that Jeffy pulled was hot.

I think I was most impressed by Tyler and Alex tbh.

Some guys are complaining that they were expecting to see perfect pick ups. But it doesn't have to be perfect it only needs to be good enough to get the girl attracted. That was one of the things I liked - you saw that they made mistakes and how they dealt with it.

I'll always remember Ozzie telling me and the guy I was on BC with that it doesn't have to be perfect - just get it done. If it looks bad it looks bad.

I've got to say though - that librarian with the tattoo Jeffy got off the internet was terrible. I think I'd actually rather have a wank than have sex with her. Lol
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