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Quick post.

For the last couple of years ive been working on a number of things. One of the most important has been my career. I cant imagine the number of hours i have put into university and other activities to give me the opportunities ive always wanted. Last week however, I missed out on a job that id been aiming at for a long period of time. Obviously there are a number of factors involved that could have changed the outcome. I could have thought about external factors like the so-called "global financial crisis" (4% contraction of global economy in the year that i graduate)........

But no.

To be honest , I dont really care. Why? Because i know success is "the comfort and self satisfaction in knowing that you have done everything you can to the best of your ability." I have done this. The ironic thing is, I know that If i really wanted to reach this goal- I would never let a little hickup like this stop me. On top of this, ive actually discovered career opportunities that are actually more interesting to me and have realised my orignal goals are out of date so to speak........

Failure has never been so sweet.

So what do all these ramblings mean?

All i wanted to get across is the fact that Its benefitial to "fail" sometimes. Accept it. Dont get tied up in it. If you still want to reach the goal, if you want it bad enough, you will find an alternate path. Further, only by failing will you realise that you are not defined by your success..........nothing affects who you truly are.

watch this. phenominal

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