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Lately ive had a lot of downtime.
Here are a list ok books ive read travelling from here to there.......

Radical Honesty - Brad Blanton
The Black swan- Nassim Taleb
Choke- Chuck Palhniuk
The Spectator Bird- Wallace Stegner
The Selfish Gene- Richard Dawkings
The Affluent Society- John Galbraith
Women- Charles Bukowski
Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill
Loosing My Virginity- Richard Branson
The Pin Striped Prison...

All of them are good reads and id suggest them to all.
On another note, ive also recently been changing the way I plan. After reading 7 habbits of highly effective people, instead of planning each day, each sunday night before i go to bed I sit down and plan out my full week.......fitting alot more in and cutting out pointless time consuming activities. Give it a go.

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