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(This is obviously nothing new, I’m simply writing these ideas in my own words so that I can internalise them and hopefully help others in the process)

In my opinion, one of the most overlooked yet vital parts of ‘ínner game’ is your overall picture or mindset about game. I’m talking about the reason why you are walking up to that stunner in the club, overcoming your fear, working to be more social or learning to express yourself better.

When I first got into game, subconsciously ofcourse, I wanted the social validation, the women to show off to friends, the social status, be the best pua, “I am the pimp”ego boost. This took a long time to realise……and is definitely not the right purpose to have. I got numbers, I got make outs, I eventually got laid….but nothing satisfies…..You are eternally ‘chasing.’

So what is the right mindset?
One of my mates is one of the best I have ever seen with women, when I asked him, he summed it up brilliantly……
”I just enjoy meeting girls, the interaction and trying to climb mountain. The better I get at talking and interacting with them, the more challenging pussies I can conquer…..and the sweeter and hotter they are. In the end, the doesn’t matter, its just the bonus. “

Crass, crude and somehow poetic.

What does this show?
1. Well you must first relise that you are “full”- wtf does that mean? It means that you are not seeking fulfillment elsewhere. You realise you don’t need to bang 100 girls to prove that you have value in the world. It means that you realise you have all you need inside. You are internally validated because you realise you are a man.
2. Abundance Mindset- enjoy all the girls, each one is cool in their own way but no one has more or less value than any other.
3. Not results orientated. Love the process, untill you can truly do this, you wont enjoy the end result. Instead, it will feel unforfilling.
4. You must Love the feminine. Enjoy the energy they bring. Feel how they make you more alive. Understand but don’t appologise the lust you have for them. You are their polar opposite. You can’t not be attractive if you are acting from your core (as alexander says)

Enjoy a women tonight for me…..
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