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It's IRONIC. I have always worked hard to give myself the best opportunities. However the more opportunities you have, the more decisions you need to make. Consequently, the more things you need to pass up on.

I know deep down that there are a number of roads to the same goal, but at times it can be frustrating. I was recently offered a scholarship for a PhD at a top university- something that i would never have even dreamed of. I would love to do it, but that would force me to miss other great work opportunities. I'm NOT complaining, I am stoked to have worked hard and proud of giving myself these options  .....I just find it funny how paradoxical life can be.

Over the past years, I have found a good way of dealing with these tough decisions....and although you can never apply hindsight bias, i believe there are some things you can do to ensure you have the best chance of making the right decision for yourself...

1, Know that whatever decision you choose, it doesn't really matter- eventually you will make your goal regardless.
2. Weigh up and write down the pros and cons of each.
3. Picture yourself and what you look like doing each of the options- the one that is more vivid and exciting is the one you should take.
4. Ask yourself, which path allows me to give more value to others? is this the man i want to be? What would challenge me more?
5. Go with your gut- when you decide on an option- if you are not feeling 'lighter', positive and more energetic about your life- you have made the wrong choice.
6. Commit yourself to whatever path you choose and NEVER LOOK BACK!!!
7. Always take the path less travelled- The best men are the ones that are not afraid of uncertainty.

Hope this helps for anyone in the same boat as me....

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