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 Continuing from my previous blog, I wanted to add something that I thought about after reading over it........the reason why actually dating and forming proper relationships have taken me to the next level.

My aim while learning 'game' (i hate that word) has always been to learn to express myself fully and authentically every minute of the day to everyone i meet. Genuine 24/7. The closer I get to this, the better my results

When you are in a relationship, you  give yourself permission to let down all of your guards and be your best self around the girl. If you are yet to do this completely, you are always hesitant because there is a nagging thought in the back of your head that  maybe girls like you for one of your external,superficial features..(your 'game', your friends. your money, your 'personality')......and if they truly get to know you, they won't like what they see. This is a destructive mindset, that most guys have ie."they are not full etc". After you date a few girls though, and realise that they are in-fact MORE attractive the more you are YOURSELF, this belief is blown out of the water......making it easier for you to be genuine around everyone you meet. 

For anyone out there who have been doing this for a while, who have been getting laid, but have never dated properly before.......why not find a great girl and date her for a while. You will learn more about yourself and women than if you continue to just approach and fuck randoms. And hey, you can always do this later......
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