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What did I learn from Saturday night.

1) I reckon that sometimes I need to get blown out by what I perceive to be the most attractive girl in the bar I'm in. In front of her friends and other people. This happened to me the other night and I just remember thinking 'well that's probably the worst that is going to happen to me all night'

It sometimes feels like once I've screwed my ego over by getting blown out I'm liberated, unstifled or whatever.

2) Tried to implement the things I'd seen at the Hotseat. Retarded Waltz, Finger lock, Rocking.
Also seeing how the instructors were unphased by tests and bitchiness - I implemented this ...with varying degrees of success.

3) Sometimes you will fuck up in set. But sometimes you can rescue it. I did this once Saturday - fucked up and then rescued the interaction. I'm not quite sure how though lol!
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