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[[[ I recently visited New zealand with some mates, one of which got pretty seriously injured......watching the different reactions and they way inwhich different guys handled it was fascinating to me.....some manned up like me and got shit done, while others were unfortunately stagnant....this blog follows some of these thoughts]]]]

I cant predict what life will throw at me in the future......
Deep down however, I KNOW that whatever comes my way, I can handle it....
To me, this is true self confidence.

If you look at any society or culture (especially indigenous), the right of passage from adolescence to manhood generally involves a series of tough the naked eye these may seem pointless, but they prove to the boy that he can survive anything, nomatter how tough.

If you do not truely know that you can handle anything that will come your way, you will always feel anxious and nervous about your life and future. I remember many years ago feeling that circumstances dictated my life. I felt like a boat adrift in a ocean with no land insight. I would wish for good things, but I would always take the 'safe path'. As alexander would say, you are constantly stepping on egg shells.

Once you realise that you can handle anything that life throws at you, a change occurs. You have purpose. You have direction. You are a free man. You know that nomatter what the circumstances, you will reach your goal. You will never give up because nothing can stop you. There is nothing is holding you back......

On top of this, when shit gets serious, when something 'bad' or unexpected happens (an emergency), you are ready......You step up. You no longer see these situations negatively, but instead, as a chance to shine. These are the dare to be great situations. Problems turn into opportunities. Everything you touch turns to gold.

Women are insanely attracted to this. They can seperate the men from the boys. They will constantly test you to see if you can handle anything that they throw at you...... Its this quality that makes a girl say "i just dont know what it is about him......." Once you show them that you can handle anything that comes your way, they can trust you. You are their rock. 

Ive been through quite a bit in the first 22 years of my life (probably more than most, but definately not as much as others) - Some good, some bad, some ugly. The most important thing though, is that i have got back up everytime I have been knocked down. Through these experiences, I KNOW that I will never be down for long. I will always step up, and be stronger for it.......I know you can too.

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