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Just be normal.

This is the foundation of my  "game".
This does not mean be a "regular guy"........ Fuck that. Most guys arent normal.

Do girls flake on you often? Do girls not come back for seconds after sex? do you get ONS but not dates?
My are not acting NORMAL.

It took me a while to realise this for myself.....I wouldnt call a girl or text straight away, or i wouldnt speak to them after i stayed over because i was trying to act "indifferent". Wrong.

Now, If i meet a girl who i think is cool, i text her saying "nice to meet you, speak soon." If i had a fun night with a girl, i text her saying "thanks for a great night, will have to do it again soon."

I am simply HONEST. It goes further though....if i see a girl in the club who looks like fun, guess what......I walk over and say  "hey whats up. you loook like fun. I had to meet you, I'm Adam". Its not a standard 'opener'.......but it works because she knows I mean it. ......I am expressing myself, I am putting myself on the line and am unapologetic for my actions.

Next time you are "gaming a girl" or whatever. Stop and ask yourself.... Am I being normal? Am i being true to myself and the girl?

For me, this has been the difference between having girls constantly flaking and a lifestyle of abundance.
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 Yes, "Am I being true to myself, and to the girl?" 

Exactly.  Is she a person, or just an idea I've created in my mind? Do I want something from her, or do I simply enjoy her for her?
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