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 When you have your shit together, when you are pushing yourself, when you are on purpose.....whatever you want to call it......girls truly become an afterthought. You know you are attractive. You know that you deserve an amazing women. You don't need to do anything. You don't need a relationship........ Girls start to open you.

I have sensed another transition in my progress over the last year. I use to only really see girls a few times. Some i'd bang on and off for a few months....I use to complain that there wasn't any decent girls that I wanted to actually go out with.....I would look for their flaws rather than their good qualities.....Then it clicked. This was yet another defense mechanism that I had put up over the past few years....another facade to protect my ego. If you don't bet you cant loose......I have started actually dating again, getting to know girls properly. Putting myself out there on the line. Being genuine.

And guess what?

I have met and dated girls who truly are amazing. And everywhere i look, there is another girl that blows me away.,..its hard to choose between them these days.

You attracted what you are.

Also, have you ever been in a situation where you are in a large group of people, there may be you, four other guys, two average girls and one smoking hot 10?

.In the past, my old mindsets would have held me back slightly- i would of thought she will most likely want one of the other guys, or I would think to myself "i don't want to look like I'm trying to pick up this girl in front of others....just in case it didn't work".

These days I know i deserve that girl. The other guys can sense this too. They step back.

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Cadillac Jones

Cadillac Jones

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You've gotta love good epiphanies like this.

You're on a great path man....keep repping that shit!
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