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The KISS principle.
Keep It Simple Stupid.

You are a man.
She is a woman.
Men are attracted to women.
Women are attracted to men.
Women liked to be fucked by men.
Women therefore just want to be bent over by YOU.....It's only NATURAL.

So much analysis, blogging, field reports, articles etc  goes towards discussing and micro-managing  game. Theories, new words, diagrams etc are everywhere. Look at these forums. Now, although I think these ideas and theories can be helpful in teaching others and REVERSE-ENGINEERING game (which im very thankful for), for the most part, this shit is SIMPLE.

Discovering this was one of my largest epiphanies. 

Reading about inner pschology and social dynamcis is fascinating to me. I love deconstructing things and building new ideas. All I am saying, is please do not use all this information as a way of PROCRASTINATION. Dont analyse every interaction and get all up in your head.  
What does a chode need to do to become a naturally attractive man? Realise he has everything that he will ever require ALREADY.....You dont need to KNOW anything. You dont need to LEARN anything. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED ALREADY. Saying this isnt even entirely correct because you DONT even NEED ANYTHING. You are a Man. You are the 'game'.

In the interest of enforcing how simple this stuff really is, the next few blogs will be about my recent lays. No analysis, no deconstruction.......just what an outside viewer would see.

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i like, cheers.
your blogs are fully of value dude.  keep it up
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thanks mate, I enjoy writing them.
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