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This blog entry is about discipline or more accurately self-discipline

One of the most important and not very often mentioned aspects of this whole succes with girls thing is discipline.
Actually, this doesn't just apply to picking up girls it applies to success in everything in life.

Self discipline is sadly lacking a lot in modern life - we live in a quick fix society. People want results as fast as possible and with the least effort.

Not possible - real results only come from doing the work and doing it consistently. Which brings me back to self discipline

Without discipline success is unattainable

To succeed in sports - self-discipline. First person to training and when everyone else has gone home for the day you're still there practising techniques.

Success with learning  a musical instrument - spending hours practising scales, techniques, improvising, sight reading, learning songs.

You can apply it to anything, I've just used the above examples  because they serve the point I am trying to make.

Discipline and consistency go hand in hand:

In the gym - you don't want to go out tonight to the gym. You know you should but for whatever reason you aren't feeling it. Ok don't go. However, you might feel guilty about it afterwards.

You don't want to go out tonight? Fine - but if you start to feel unhappy at your lack of progress, you won't have far to look for the reason why.

If you don't have discipline, you won't stick to the process. You will never come close to achieving what you want.
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Right. It comes back to the willpower theory. Developing those brain muscles that force you to do that thing you WANT TO DO  but that's difficult. Like any muscle it takes constant use to build it up. Good post!
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