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What does truely natural game look like?

Well, to me, the ultimate naturally attractive man is the one who can get a girl (family friend etc) attracted at a family bbq, the guy whos mothers' friends try to set their daughter up with, the dude who seems to get every girl at the office attracted while simply just doing his thing and getting on with his day........he is the type of man that women will be attracted to by simply "spending time with him." As tim would say, he is a flawless natural.

This in my mind, is a very mportant aspect of a naturally attractive man.  You must understanding and know that girls will get attracted to you when you simply spend time with them. In essence, this illistrates a number of things: You simply are. You dont need to "do" anything (including superfly deluxxxe pickup glory ninjaturtle moves). You are full. You are a man and unapologetic for your actions. As alex says, you can't not be attractive. You are simply expressing yourself and it is inevitable that you will end up fucking alot of girls.

Deep down i believe that everyone has this. Everyone has close friends that "know" or "get" them. Ultimately most people have long-term friends that have got over their superficial quirks and see you for who you truly are- a good person providing your own unique value to the world. Others just take longer to see this because you are stifled in your expression. Once you learn how to tear down all these false mind beliefs and social conditioning, you will be able to instantly express who you are to a girl- before you even talk to her. They will instantly see you in your purest form, much like how your true friends know and see who you are.

Let the girls spend time with you and let them feel who you are. Dont hide, express. Enjoy the flow of self-confidence between the two of you.

hope you enjoyed, Later.

Ps. writing a blog each day has helped me let out a little creativity which is a fresh break from the logical study of financial valuations and structural mechanics- come back tomorrow for more
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