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Yo, so today i was nerding up an essay for uni. ..

My central argument was based around two smart old mofos named Leon Festinger (1957- aka F-dog for convienience) and Kurt  Lewin. Essentially their work revolves around how changes in humans (and organisations) occur. Although my essay had nothing to do with game obviously, the roots of my argument in social psychology and their concepts of "cognitive dissonnace" got me thinking..........

So F-dog proposed this notion of 'cognitive dissonance'. Simply stated, cognitive dissodance occurs when two or more "cognitions" (that is, beliefs, opinions or knowldge about the environment or oneself) about the same thing are "out of sync".  When this occurs, you feel a sources of psycological discomfort. As a result, you are forced to correct this discomfort by returning to a state of consonance.  This occurs by either changing your actions, or by changing your thoughts. Lewin, aka L-dog describes this process of consisting of "unfreezing" from the status quo. Once you have been unfrozen, in order to change you scan the environemt find a new form of behaviour to solve your Cognitive dissodance or adopt a new "viewpoint" from a rolemodel. You then apply this new cognitive framework resulting in your cognitions being once again congruent.

So wtf , how can this crass and simplistic understanding of F & L-dog's work help your game?

Well essentially, these ideas highlight the importance of getting out there and seeing first hand "naturals" or instructors doing their thing. From my experience one of the hardest things new guys have in learning game, is breaking their well ingrained social barriers of sucess with women.
Eg. You cant get laid on the first cant fuck a girl in your cant make out with a chick in 5 mins of meeting her.

 And this is TOTALLY LOGICAL. From all their external references, from everything that they have ever come across, this is totally with their beliefs. Thats why it is so hard to walk up and blindly believe that you will fuck this girl tonight.....because this goes against all the other references you have had in life. (dont get me wrong, it can still be done)

 My greatest 'breakthroughs' in learning 'game'  was when i saw another guy, a natural friend, tim or whoever do something that, to me, was outside my reality. When this "unfreezing"(L-dog) occurs you have one of two options.  You can either change your thoughts ("hes better looking than me etc"), or you can step up and change your actions, subsequently dismissing your original chode beliefs. In time,  and with every new external reference, this new reality will be "re-frozen" and once again you will be a congruent, more naturally attractive, man.

A word of warning though- once you progress forward, you will never be able to go back to your old chode beliefs because they will no longer be congruent with your naturally attractive self. Beautiful isnt it?

Ps. if anyone would like to add  to or criticise my knowledge of social psycology that would actually be appreciated!
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