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God bless this Global financial crisis. Not only is the Aus prime minster krud dishing out cash like santa clause, but airlines are also going broke so flights are extremely cheap. It is for this reason last weekend I hit up some flights to brisbane with some close friends........glorious adventures followed.
It would be too time consuming to write about all the havoc that was imposed on bris-vegas so ill stick to the first night we were there. I hope i do brisvegas the justice it deserves.......

Dressed up in suits and looking like a million dollars, we rocked out to a university ball- picture well dressed rich young girls, free drinks and a few chode dudes lurking. What can I say? it was the perfect place to start the weekend off. Self amusement was in full force with a few ' drinks fights',  'tie limbo' and a dance floor 'spin the bottle' (just create a circle, place a corona bottle on the floor and then spin. subsequently point and shout at whoever it lands on and demand that they kiss the person beside them). Having established the brisvegas entourage and finished all the booz, we then ordered all to head to a nearby bar. More rounds of drinks bought by hospitable young ladies ensured that we were still loving life. Gradually after some crazy dance moves and a few comments, "you are adorable, come here", we each had chosen our ladyfriends for the night. With a cheeky smile and tilt of our drinks, the non-verbal  "see-you sometime in the morning at yours" was established between all the lads. One friend was with what I could only discribe as a 'classic classy qld ranga', the other a tall brunette, and myself, a petite blonde lass.

Near closing time, it was time to get moving. So, by tackling and throwing copious amounts of straws at friends, we were all strategically ejected from the venue with our night-princesses. Being the generous fellow that i am, I offered to drop my ladyfriends friend home as well on the way. After what felt like 4hrs in the cab with a crazy driver and rally driving down brisbane sidestreets we arrived at my night-princesses palace, in what to me, was the middle of nowhere. She then explains "quiet, my dad is home and wakes up pretty easily" as we sneek through the 4 car garage and down into the bottom level. We then discover her sister's friends have passed out in her bedroom so the only comfortable seating is in the family living room. Nonetheless, quiet glorytimes continued into the night....and every ten seconds I'd peak over my shoulder to ascertain that the dad of this lovely lady was not running at me with a baseball bat...

Well into the early morning I began to feel that i needed some beauty sleep and so after saying goodbye I crept out of the back- making sure to stop by for a carton of milk and some freshly baked anzac cookies from the kitchen. With my treasure in hand I quietly strolled up the drive and back onto the road where i suddenly realised (still slightly drunk) that i was in brisbane, didnt know what suburb i was in, and didnt have a number for these qld cabs!

After pondering my options in the gutter for a few minutes I had a flash of MCGIVER brilliance!!!

Whipping out the iphone i located myself on googlemaps and after about 70 attempts, I managed to type in the address of my friend's place I was crashing at. Glory!! It was only 1.6km away! (thats like a mile for all you other weird ppl). Waltzing off down the street following the beautiful blue bob on my phone, i began to navigate back to my friends palace. After only about 200m i stubled across an amazing find as well......a small kids bike abandoned on the side of the road for council pickup! So there I was, in all my Glory, suited up with my tie and jacket crumpled, riding down the brisvegas suburb streets, cookie in hand  and the sun rising over the (well, extremely small) brisbane skyline at 630am in the morning! A few early morning walking ladies couldnt help but laugh at me as I rode pass wishing them all good morning. Arriving back in one peice I found my mates having one last beer and all conversing about the adventures they had just had- then bed and beauty sleep so as to be ready for the next night's fun and fornication........
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