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Intent., dominance, masculinity, decisiveness, determination, comitted.

whatever you want to call need it if you are picking up a girl. It is only natural.

Lately ive been going out and a few approaches havent had that instant attraction, that natural connection. The mix of woo and intent as tim would say, isn't tuned correctly.

Last night it was though. Every girl I talked to latched onto me like a fat kid on cake. Its amazing how just a tiny shift, a small change in what you do can bring back glory times. I walked around with so much charged energy everyone paid attention, like they should. I was back being my natural self, loving it.

SO, in order to make sure I continue to bring the intent everyday, Ive decided to do the following things:

+Continue hitting the weights.
+5 min check out sessions when out- just looking and realising how hot girls are. Feel their energy.
+ The glory vision. Imagine and visualise it each morning. Look in the mirror and feel that raw power shining back, the limitless potential.

Now although little things like these can help, ultimately, like the positivity you bring to life, Intent is found within. The masculine core inside you is there, you just need to reconnect with it and express yourself.

You have everything everything you will ever need inside you. You are already full.
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