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First Blog. Sick.

Thinking back the other day, I have realised that I have been learning 'game' for about 3 years now. I grew up on the old school rsd and tailored by the nuRSD~. I can honestly say that I have had some epic highs, as well as some serious lows. In saying that, I wouldnt change the experiences I' ve had for ANYTHING. For me, this wasn't getting into this wasnt just about women, it was about grabbing life by the balls and being all that I can be. In my opinion, I have learnt more about myself, the world and other people in the last 3 years than most do in half a lifetime.

Chodeface old Adam was a douche.  He past away a long time ago though, May he burn in hell.

Thinking about everything that has happened over the last three years, I question though how have I truly changed?

Well, if Chodeface Adam was sitting next to me, it would be obvious. He wouldn't have the devious smile, the glint in his eye, the presence or a six pack. He wouldnt have travelled and met amazing friends, or an iphone full of numbers. He wouldn't have a passion for reading, for surfing, for skiing or for engineering. He wouldnt be digging deep into his soul and trying to really work out what he wants for the future. He wouldnt be able to enjoy a good meal with friends and family, an early morning surf, nor would he be able to hold a smile or a conversation with a stranger. He would be worrying about the future, derriving his value from others.

However, Chodeface Adam and I are exactly the same. We are both men. He has everything that I have. We are equals. He may not have some cool threads or a good haircut, but he is a man. He already has all he needs, he just doesn't realise it. He has perfect game. He can do no wrong.

Between stimulus and response, you have a choice. This is consciousness, this is freedom. Chodeface adam simply chooses not to give his gifts fully to the world because he doesnt realise this. Adam+ chooses to give everything he has got. This is the one difference.

Time to give some more value to the world.
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