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I use to always read articles saying that you must 'assume attraction' .....although i thought that i knew what this meant, i struggled to internalise it until recently.....

So what does it mean to 'assume attraction' with the chick straight off the bat?
To me, its the same as knowing that you are a man. It knowing that you MUST be attractive to girls because you are a man, and she is a women. You are full. Your game is a 10. You DONT need to DO anything. You assume that they will be attracted to you, because as alex says, they CAN'T NOT be attracted to you.........

This is logical,  it is easy to understand. However, just realising this is only the first step.....

how do you internalise and adopt this belief? What does it look like when you are out and about?
This to me is the hard part. Its nearly impossible to write about....Its a cheeky smile. The intent you have to fuck her. The long eye contact. Your carefree attitude.....knowing that you dont need anything from her, and becasue of this, can simply enjoy the moment for what it is.....NO thought, all feeling.

Well i have found, when you harness this, you really do start to kill it.......
let me know your thoughts....
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Think about all the success you have had.  Those girls found you attractive.  All girls find the same shit attractive.  All rejection is feedback because even though they find you attractive your approach or their life created a situation that didn't work at the time.  They will be receptive later. Girls want a penis inside of them, but they are extremelly insecure, and become attached too easily and they know it.  They want you to demonstrate that you won't become attached and that you will lead the interaction because they are unsure how to.  There was a blog post earlier about a convo with a girl.  The more she was attracted to a guy the more bitchy she became, she couldn't help it, it was out of insecurity.  There is only one IOI you need.  Are they reacting to you in any way?  Positive or negative reactions don't matter.  Afterall some fat chick comes to talk to you., you won't be mean, you will just ignore her.  So in every interaction you have had, attraction was there!  The rest is figuring out what to do about it.  Oh and of course NO means not yet. 
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