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I really do love public holidays and long weekends.

Bars and clubs are pumping for an extra day......

All the corporate girls and guys are stoked they dont need to go back to their shitty jobs for another day......

Life is smiling....

I was going to write a long field report about how fun it was but I think dot points sum it up with more impact.
- Hit the races
- Got up alot
- fingerbanged a girl at the bar
- got laid
- had a surf
- Dinner with good friendsand family
- slept and slept

The lay was nothing special.....I was just loving life and projecting good vibes. She felt that.

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend as well.

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I ran into a few guys that I hadnt seen in ages.

Wow, compeltely different. I hardly recognised one of them. Total transformation from chode to dude. I immediately asked them if they knew about RSD. They unfortunately hadn't.......Everyone of them though had been working in a bar for the last 3 years.

Now, apart from taking a bootcamp, I honestly believe that working in a bar/ club/dj ing is the one of the best things you can do to transform yourself into a nautrally cool man. I obviously realise that if you have a full time career or other passions this may not be the wisest option for you......but if you are a uni student/ studying/ travelling/ or just want some extra cash, look no further.

While in hospiltality you need to force yourself to get into state, to be upbeat, to interact and be social all night/ day. You get paid to flirt with girls, dish out some stiff drinks and then get loose at staff drinks after work. On top of this, you can use the bar you work at as a springboard or social proof when you go out. Head there for a few drinks, invite girls for a quiet drink and simply own the place.

There is also always a hot workmate to fuck.
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Quick post.

For the last couple of years ive been working on a number of things. One of the most important has been my career. I cant imagine the number of hours i have put into university and other activities to give me the opportunities ive always wanted. Last week however, I missed out on a job that id been aiming at for a long period of time. Obviously there are a number of factors involved that could have changed the outcome. I could have thought about external factors like the so-called "global financial crisis" (4% contraction of global economy in the year that i graduate)........

But no.

To be honest , I dont really care. Why? Because i know success is "the comfort and self satisfaction in knowing that you have done everything you can to the best of your ability." I have done this. The ironic thing is, I know that If i really wanted to reach this goal- I would never let a little hickup like this stop me. On top of this, ive actually discovered career opportunities that are actually more interesting to me and have realised my orignal goals are out of date so to speak........

Failure has never been so sweet.

So what do all these ramblings mean?

All i wanted to get across is the fact that Its benefitial to "fail" sometimes. Accept it. Dont get tied up in it. If you still want to reach the goal, if you want it bad enough, you will find an alternate path. Further, only by failing will you realise that you are not defined by your success..........nothing affects who you truly are.

watch this. phenominal

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Intent., dominance, masculinity, decisiveness, determination, comitted.

whatever you want to call need it if you are picking up a girl. It is only natural.

Lately ive been going out and a few approaches havent had that instant attraction, that natural connection. The mix of woo and intent as tim would say, isn't tuned correctly.

Last night it was though. Every girl I talked to latched onto me like a fat kid on cake. Its amazing how just a tiny shift, a small change in what you do can bring back glory times. I walked around with so much charged energy everyone paid attention, like they should. I was back being my natural self, loving it.

SO, in order to make sure I continue to bring the intent everyday, Ive decided to do the following things:

+Continue hitting the weights.
+5 min check out sessions when out- just looking and realising how hot girls are. Feel their energy.
+ The glory vision. Imagine and visualise it each morning. Look in the mirror and feel that raw power shining back, the limitless potential.

Now although little things like these can help, ultimately, like the positivity you bring to life, Intent is found within. The masculine core inside you is there, you just need to reconnect with it and express yourself.

You have everything everything you will ever need inside you. You are already full.
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First Blog. Sick.

Thinking back the other day, I have realised that I have been learning 'game' for about 3 years now. I grew up on the old school rsd and tailored by the nuRSD~. I can honestly say that I have had some epic highs, as well as some serious lows. In saying that, I wouldnt change the experiences I' ve had for ANYTHING. For me, this wasn't getting into this wasnt just about women, it was about grabbing life by the balls and being all that I can be. In my opinion, I have learnt more about myself, the world and other people in the last 3 years than most do in half a lifetime.

Chodeface old Adam was a douche.  He past away a long time ago though, May he burn in hell.

Thinking about everything that has happened over the last three years, I question though how have I truly changed?

Well, if Chodeface Adam was sitting next to me, it would be obvious. He wouldn't have the devious smile, the glint in his eye, the presence or a six pack. He wouldnt have travelled and met amazing friends, or an iphone full of numbers. He wouldn't have a passion for reading, for surfing, for skiing or for engineering. He wouldnt be digging deep into his soul and trying to really work out what he wants for the future. He wouldnt be able to enjoy a good meal with friends and family, an early morning surf, nor would he be able to hold a smile or a conversation with a stranger. He would be worrying about the future, derriving his value from others.

However, Chodeface Adam and I are exactly the same. We are both men. He has everything that I have. We are equals. He may not have some cool threads or a good haircut, but he is a man. He already has all he needs, he just doesn't realise it. He has perfect game. He can do no wrong.

Between stimulus and response, you have a choice. This is consciousness, this is freedom. Chodeface adam simply chooses not to give his gifts fully to the world because he doesnt realise this. Adam+ chooses to give everything he has got. This is the one difference.

Time to give some more value to the world.
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