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I use to always read articles saying that you must 'assume attraction' .....although i thought that i knew what this meant, i struggled to internalise it until recently.....

So what does it mean to 'assume attraction' with the chick straight off the bat?
To me, its the same as knowing that you are a man. It knowing that you MUST be attractive to girls because you are a man, and she is a women. You are full. Your game is a 10. You DONT need to DO anything. You assume that they will be attracted to you, because as alex says, they CAN'T NOT be attracted to you.........

This is logical,  it is easy to understand. However, just realising this is only the first step.....

how do you internalise and adopt this belief? What does it look like when you are out and about?
This to me is the hard part. Its nearly impossible to write about....Its a cheeky smile. The intent you have to fuck her. The long eye contact. Your carefree attitude.....knowing that you dont need anything from her, and becasue of this, can simply enjoy the moment for what it is.....NO thought, all feeling.

Well i have found, when you harness this, you really do start to kill it.......
let me know your thoughts....
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[[[ I recently visited New zealand with some mates, one of which got pretty seriously injured......watching the different reactions and they way inwhich different guys handled it was fascinating to me.....some manned up like me and got shit done, while others were unfortunately stagnant....this blog follows some of these thoughts]]]]

I cant predict what life will throw at me in the future......
Deep down however, I KNOW that whatever comes my way, I can handle it....
To me, this is true self confidence.

If you look at any society or culture (especially indigenous), the right of passage from adolescence to manhood generally involves a series of tough the naked eye these may seem pointless, but they prove to the boy that he can survive anything, nomatter how tough.

If you do not truely know that you can handle anything that will come your way, you will always feel anxious and nervous about your life and future. I remember many years ago feeling that circumstances dictated my life. I felt like a boat adrift in a ocean with no land insight. I would wish for good things, but I would always take the 'safe path'. As alexander would say, you are constantly stepping on egg shells.

Once you realise that you can handle anything that life throws at you, a change occurs. You have purpose. You have direction. You are a free man. You know that nomatter what the circumstances, you will reach your goal. You will never give up because nothing can stop you. There is nothing is holding you back......

On top of this, when shit gets serious, when something 'bad' or unexpected happens (an emergency), you are ready......You step up. You no longer see these situations negatively, but instead, as a chance to shine. These are the dare to be great situations. Problems turn into opportunities. Everything you touch turns to gold.

Women are insanely attracted to this. They can seperate the men from the boys. They will constantly test you to see if you can handle anything that they throw at you...... Its this quality that makes a girl say "i just dont know what it is about him......." Once you show them that you can handle anything that comes your way, they can trust you. You are their rock. 

Ive been through quite a bit in the first 22 years of my life (probably more than most, but definately not as much as others) - Some good, some bad, some ugly. The most important thing though, is that i have got back up everytime I have been knocked down. Through these experiences, I KNOW that I will never be down for long. I will always step up, and be stronger for it.......I know you can too.

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Just be normal.

This is the foundation of my  "game".
This does not mean be a "regular guy"........ Fuck that. Most guys arent normal.

Do girls flake on you often? Do girls not come back for seconds after sex? do you get ONS but not dates?
My are not acting NORMAL.

It took me a while to realise this for myself.....I wouldnt call a girl or text straight away, or i wouldnt speak to them after i stayed over because i was trying to act "indifferent". Wrong.

Now, If i meet a girl who i think is cool, i text her saying "nice to meet you, speak soon." If i had a fun night with a girl, i text her saying "thanks for a great night, will have to do it again soon."

I am simply HONEST. It goes further though....if i see a girl in the club who looks like fun, guess what......I walk over and say  "hey whats up. you loook like fun. I had to meet you, I'm Adam". Its not a standard 'opener'.......but it works because she knows I mean it. ......I am expressing myself, I am putting myself on the line and am unapologetic for my actions.

Next time you are "gaming a girl" or whatever. Stop and ask yourself.... Am I being normal? Am i being true to myself and the girl?

For me, this has been the difference between having girls constantly flaking and a lifestyle of abundance.
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My understanding of being unapologetic.

Unapologetic, Masculine. They go hand in hand.

As a man you need to be unapologetic for all your actions.
It expresses that you value your own opinion higher than any one elses. You trust yourself, so others can too.
You know you are expressing yourself and being congruent with who you are. Wether you are right or wrong is irrelevant. You trust yourself, and will learn from your mistakes.

Today i was checking out a girl who was walking past, while talking to a collegue. I was cherishing her energy, staring her up and down, just LOVING IT. Just as she went past my mate was like "WTF??". He was embarrassed at how utterly obvious I was. He tried to explain me that ""she clearly knew you were checking her out!". ......He didnt quite understand when I replied. "Thats the point."

At this point i turned around to watch her walk away.....and guess what, she was looking back. Snap.
See, I love this idea about being UNAPOLOGETIC (props to alex i believe). Especially when you are around hot girls, dont " pretend to ignore" them or some bullshit, be unapologetic in your attraction for them. In expressing this to them, you show that you dont apologise for who you are, A MAN,.......Which is EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE.

Now, im not saying be the  all creepy,  stalker lurker type......just DONT DENY your attraction to girls, because if you do, you are DENYING WHO YOU ARE to yourself. You are stiffling your expression and conveying that you are not "full" or complete as you are...........

This attraction also provides the foundation for your INTENT when you approach girls...but thats for another day.....


Ps. check my FR thread for those simple lay reports.
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The KISS principle.
Keep It Simple Stupid.

You are a man.
She is a woman.
Men are attracted to women.
Women are attracted to men.
Women liked to be fucked by men.
Women therefore just want to be bent over by YOU.....It's only NATURAL.

So much analysis, blogging, field reports, articles etc  goes towards discussing and micro-managing  game. Theories, new words, diagrams etc are everywhere. Look at these forums. Now, although I think these ideas and theories can be helpful in teaching others and REVERSE-ENGINEERING game (which im very thankful for), for the most part, this shit is SIMPLE.

Discovering this was one of my largest epiphanies. 

Reading about inner pschology and social dynamcis is fascinating to me. I love deconstructing things and building new ideas. All I am saying, is please do not use all this information as a way of PROCRASTINATION. Dont analyse every interaction and get all up in your head.  
What does a chode need to do to become a naturally attractive man? Realise he has everything that he will ever require ALREADY.....You dont need to KNOW anything. You dont need to LEARN anything. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED ALREADY. Saying this isnt even entirely correct because you DONT even NEED ANYTHING. You are a Man. You are the 'game'.

In the interest of enforcing how simple this stuff really is, the next few blogs will be about my recent lays. No analysis, no deconstruction.......just what an outside viewer would see.

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Ive realised an epic shift over the last two years or so....

Back in the day, using old-school RSD techniques, the focus for me was always on getting a one night stand and instant pull- "no time for 'day 2s'  etc". On the surface this originally looked like a reflection of my 'persistance'. However, in hindsight,  it seems much deeper. Using routines and 'lines' meant that my confidence was derrived from my 'game' and my subsequent success from it. I justified not getting girls' numbers because I always told myself I was 'too busy'. In actual fact, it was because I felt like I always had to 'game'. If i spent too much time with the girl, I was subconsciously scared that they would realise the real chode that I was. Even after I'd fucked a girl I still felt like I needed to 'do something' to keep them attracted........ironically, this is the most UNATTRACTIVE thing you can ever do. For these reasons, a one night stand was perfect, keeping my ego and sense of self intact.

After you tap into your core cofindence, these ideas become the most foreign and wack concpets you can ever imagine. They become just plain silly. At first you get annoyed at yourself for being so stupid, however you soon realise that this progression was needed and wouldn't change the journey for anything.
The biggest difference however, is the change in LIFESTYLE that you achieve. Instead of going out and truly pushing for ONS all the time, you become much more indifferent. Often times LOGISTICS and other factors simply make ONS impractical for me (and the girl). I use to loose sets because I was too pushy. I am now indifferent because I know eventually I will end up fucking the girl. Its INEVITABLE. I also know that I will most likely be going home with someone else anyway. For this reason, a goodbye and "nice to meet you, get home safe" text is sufficient. KNOWING that you will fuck her later and letting her go for now, is to me, a TRUE 'ABUNDANCE' MINDSET. Normally, they/you will msg and meet up with you/them the next week anyway.......and if not, guess what...........depending where you live (especially if she is a hot girl), there are only a few 'hot clubs' at any one you will no doubt run into her later anyway (call it 'fate' to her ). When you do, I promise there will then be "OMG its you!!" and then make out deluxxe times if you have expressed yourself correctly. Attraction has had time to fester and build in her mind~ and shits just hotter for it.........

Not only this, you are also able to have good times and be able to simply enjoy their company as well, WITHOUT the constant pull of EGO VALIDATION. This joy should never be underestimated.

After a while, you have a lifestyle that you have worked hard for and DESERVE.

Enjoy a girl tonight.

Note: Dont get me wrong, I am still persistantly pushing for ONS, Im just not attached to it.
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What does truely natural game look like?

Well, to me, the ultimate naturally attractive man is the one who can get a girl (family friend etc) attracted at a family bbq, the guy whos mothers' friends try to set their daughter up with, the dude who seems to get every girl at the office attracted while simply just doing his thing and getting on with his day........he is the type of man that women will be attracted to by simply "spending time with him." As tim would say, he is a flawless natural.

This in my mind, is a very mportant aspect of a naturally attractive man.  You must understanding and know that girls will get attracted to you when you simply spend time with them. In essence, this illistrates a number of things: You simply are. You dont need to "do" anything (including superfly deluxxxe pickup glory ninjaturtle moves). You are full. You are a man and unapologetic for your actions. As alex says, you can't not be attractive. You are simply expressing yourself and it is inevitable that you will end up fucking alot of girls.

Deep down i believe that everyone has this. Everyone has close friends that "know" or "get" them. Ultimately most people have long-term friends that have got over their superficial quirks and see you for who you truly are- a good person providing your own unique value to the world. Others just take longer to see this because you are stifled in your expression. Once you learn how to tear down all these false mind beliefs and social conditioning, you will be able to instantly express who you are to a girl- before you even talk to her. They will instantly see you in your purest form, much like how your true friends know and see who you are.

Let the girls spend time with you and let them feel who you are. Dont hide, express. Enjoy the flow of self-confidence between the two of you.

hope you enjoyed, Later.

Ps. writing a blog each day has helped me let out a little creativity which is a fresh break from the logical study of financial valuations and structural mechanics- come back tomorrow for more
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Yo, so today i was nerding up an essay for uni. ..

My central argument was based around two smart old mofos named Leon Festinger (1957- aka F-dog for convienience) and Kurt  Lewin. Essentially their work revolves around how changes in humans (and organisations) occur. Although my essay had nothing to do with game obviously, the roots of my argument in social psychology and their concepts of "cognitive dissonnace" got me thinking..........

So F-dog proposed this notion of 'cognitive dissonance'. Simply stated, cognitive dissodance occurs when two or more "cognitions" (that is, beliefs, opinions or knowldge about the environment or oneself) about the same thing are "out of sync".  When this occurs, you feel a sources of psycological discomfort. As a result, you are forced to correct this discomfort by returning to a state of consonance.  This occurs by either changing your actions, or by changing your thoughts. Lewin, aka L-dog describes this process of consisting of "unfreezing" from the status quo. Once you have been unfrozen, in order to change you scan the environemt find a new form of behaviour to solve your Cognitive dissodance or adopt a new "viewpoint" from a rolemodel. You then apply this new cognitive framework resulting in your cognitions being once again congruent.

So wtf , how can this crass and simplistic understanding of F & L-dog's work help your game?

Well essentially, these ideas highlight the importance of getting out there and seeing first hand "naturals" or instructors doing their thing. From my experience one of the hardest things new guys have in learning game, is breaking their well ingrained social barriers of sucess with women.
Eg. You cant get laid on the first cant fuck a girl in your cant make out with a chick in 5 mins of meeting her.

 And this is TOTALLY LOGICAL. From all their external references, from everything that they have ever come across, this is totally with their beliefs. Thats why it is so hard to walk up and blindly believe that you will fuck this girl tonight.....because this goes against all the other references you have had in life. (dont get me wrong, it can still be done)

 My greatest 'breakthroughs' in learning 'game'  was when i saw another guy, a natural friend, tim or whoever do something that, to me, was outside my reality. When this "unfreezing"(L-dog) occurs you have one of two options.  You can either change your thoughts ("hes better looking than me etc"), or you can step up and change your actions, subsequently dismissing your original chode beliefs. In time,  and with every new external reference, this new reality will be "re-frozen" and once again you will be a congruent, more naturally attractive, man.

A word of warning though- once you progress forward, you will never be able to go back to your old chode beliefs because they will no longer be congruent with your naturally attractive self. Beautiful isnt it?

Ps. if anyone would like to add  to or criticise my knowledge of social psycology that would actually be appreciated!
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God bless this Global financial crisis. Not only is the Aus prime minster krud dishing out cash like santa clause, but airlines are also going broke so flights are extremely cheap. It is for this reason last weekend I hit up some flights to brisbane with some close friends........glorious adventures followed.
It would be too time consuming to write about all the havoc that was imposed on bris-vegas so ill stick to the first night we were there. I hope i do brisvegas the justice it deserves.......

Dressed up in suits and looking like a million dollars, we rocked out to a university ball- picture well dressed rich young girls, free drinks and a few chode dudes lurking. What can I say? it was the perfect place to start the weekend off. Self amusement was in full force with a few ' drinks fights',  'tie limbo' and a dance floor 'spin the bottle' (just create a circle, place a corona bottle on the floor and then spin. subsequently point and shout at whoever it lands on and demand that they kiss the person beside them). Having established the brisvegas entourage and finished all the booz, we then ordered all to head to a nearby bar. More rounds of drinks bought by hospitable young ladies ensured that we were still loving life. Gradually after some crazy dance moves and a few comments, "you are adorable, come here", we each had chosen our ladyfriends for the night. With a cheeky smile and tilt of our drinks, the non-verbal  "see-you sometime in the morning at yours" was established between all the lads. One friend was with what I could only discribe as a 'classic classy qld ranga', the other a tall brunette, and myself, a petite blonde lass.

Near closing time, it was time to get moving. So, by tackling and throwing copious amounts of straws at friends, we were all strategically ejected from the venue with our night-princesses. Being the generous fellow that i am, I offered to drop my ladyfriends friend home as well on the way. After what felt like 4hrs in the cab with a crazy driver and rally driving down brisbane sidestreets we arrived at my night-princesses palace, in what to me, was the middle of nowhere. She then explains "quiet, my dad is home and wakes up pretty easily" as we sneek through the 4 car garage and down into the bottom level. We then discover her sister's friends have passed out in her bedroom so the only comfortable seating is in the family living room. Nonetheless, quiet glorytimes continued into the night....and every ten seconds I'd peak over my shoulder to ascertain that the dad of this lovely lady was not running at me with a baseball bat...

Well into the early morning I began to feel that i needed some beauty sleep and so after saying goodbye I crept out of the back- making sure to stop by for a carton of milk and some freshly baked anzac cookies from the kitchen. With my treasure in hand I quietly strolled up the drive and back onto the road where i suddenly realised (still slightly drunk) that i was in brisbane, didnt know what suburb i was in, and didnt have a number for these qld cabs!

After pondering my options in the gutter for a few minutes I had a flash of MCGIVER brilliance!!!

Whipping out the iphone i located myself on googlemaps and after about 70 attempts, I managed to type in the address of my friend's place I was crashing at. Glory!! It was only 1.6km away! (thats like a mile for all you other weird ppl). Waltzing off down the street following the beautiful blue bob on my phone, i began to navigate back to my friends palace. After only about 200m i stubled across an amazing find as well......a small kids bike abandoned on the side of the road for council pickup! So there I was, in all my Glory, suited up with my tie and jacket crumpled, riding down the brisvegas suburb streets, cookie in hand  and the sun rising over the (well, extremely small) brisbane skyline at 630am in the morning! A few early morning walking ladies couldnt help but laugh at me as I rode pass wishing them all good morning. Arriving back in one peice I found my mates having one last beer and all conversing about the adventures they had just had- then bed and beauty sleep so as to be ready for the next night's fun and fornication........
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(This is obviously nothing new, I’m simply writing these ideas in my own words so that I can internalise them and hopefully help others in the process)

In my opinion, one of the most overlooked yet vital parts of ‘ínner game’ is your overall picture or mindset about game. I’m talking about the reason why you are walking up to that stunner in the club, overcoming your fear, working to be more social or learning to express yourself better.

When I first got into game, subconsciously ofcourse, I wanted the social validation, the women to show off to friends, the social status, be the best pua, “I am the pimp”ego boost. This took a long time to realise……and is definitely not the right purpose to have. I got numbers, I got make outs, I eventually got laid….but nothing satisfies…..You are eternally ‘chasing.’

So what is the right mindset?
One of my mates is one of the best I have ever seen with women, when I asked him, he summed it up brilliantly……
”I just enjoy meeting girls, the interaction and trying to climb mountain. The better I get at talking and interacting with them, the more challenging pussies I can conquer…..and the sweeter and hotter they are. In the end, the doesn’t matter, its just the bonus. “

Crass, crude and somehow poetic.

What does this show?
1. Well you must first relise that you are “full”- wtf does that mean? It means that you are not seeking fulfillment elsewhere. You realise you don’t need to bang 100 girls to prove that you have value in the world. It means that you realise you have all you need inside. You are internally validated because you realise you are a man.
2. Abundance Mindset- enjoy all the girls, each one is cool in their own way but no one has more or less value than any other.
3. Not results orientated. Love the process, untill you can truly do this, you wont enjoy the end result. Instead, it will feel unforfilling.
4. You must Love the feminine. Enjoy the energy they bring. Feel how they make you more alive. Understand but don’t appologise the lust you have for them. You are their polar opposite. You can’t not be attractive if you are acting from your core (as alexander says)

Enjoy a women tonight for me…..
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