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Word up gents.

Every person who wants to become financially independent should read this book.

The Millionaire Mind
By Harv Eker

Thats all for now,
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The Bags are packed, the flights are booked and the beers are on ice.

On Friday I'm off to Whistler to watch my best mate compete for gold in the paralympics. After ten days in Canada I'll be flying down to Costa Rica and travelling through Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragu, Hondorus, Guatamala and Belize (spelling  is wrong for some of those I'm sure) for two months.... Then straight to the bellagio in vegas for a few more nights of debauchery before returning home slightly more cultured, tanned and at peace with the world.

I'll be sure to update this blog with a few ridiculous stories that will undoubted follow........

Until then.

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It's IRONIC. I have always worked hard to give myself the best opportunities. However the more opportunities you have, the more decisions you need to make. Consequently, the more things you need to pass up on.

I know deep down that there are a number of roads to the same goal, but at times it can be frustrating. I was recently offered a scholarship for a PhD at a top university- something that i would never have even dreamed of. I would love to do it, but that would force me to miss other great work opportunities. I'm NOT complaining, I am stoked to have worked hard and proud of giving myself these options  .....I just find it funny how paradoxical life can be.

Over the past years, I have found a good way of dealing with these tough decisions....and although you can never apply hindsight bias, i believe there are some things you can do to ensure you have the best chance of making the right decision for yourself...

1, Know that whatever decision you choose, it doesn't really matter- eventually you will make your goal regardless.
2. Weigh up and write down the pros and cons of each.
3. Picture yourself and what you look like doing each of the options- the one that is more vivid and exciting is the one you should take.
4. Ask yourself, which path allows me to give more value to others? is this the man i want to be? What would challenge me more?
5. Go with your gut- when you decide on an option- if you are not feeling 'lighter', positive and more energetic about your life- you have made the wrong choice.
6. Commit yourself to whatever path you choose and NEVER LOOK BACK!!!
7. Always take the path less travelled- The best men are the ones that are not afraid of uncertainty.

Hope this helps for anyone in the same boat as me....

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 Continuing from my previous blog, I wanted to add something that I thought about after reading over it........the reason why actually dating and forming proper relationships have taken me to the next level.

My aim while learning 'game' (i hate that word) has always been to learn to express myself fully and authentically every minute of the day to everyone i meet. Genuine 24/7. The closer I get to this, the better my results

When you are in a relationship, you  give yourself permission to let down all of your guards and be your best self around the girl. If you are yet to do this completely, you are always hesitant because there is a nagging thought in the back of your head that  maybe girls like you for one of your external,superficial features..(your 'game', your friends. your money, your 'personality')......and if they truly get to know you, they won't like what they see. This is a destructive mindset, that most guys have ie."they are not full etc". After you date a few girls though, and realise that they are in-fact MORE attractive the more you are YOURSELF, this belief is blown out of the water......making it easier for you to be genuine around everyone you meet. 

For anyone out there who have been doing this for a while, who have been getting laid, but have never dated properly before.......why not find a great girl and date her for a while. You will learn more about yourself and women than if you continue to just approach and fuck randoms. And hey, you can always do this later......
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 When you have your shit together, when you are pushing yourself, when you are on purpose.....whatever you want to call it......girls truly become an afterthought. You know you are attractive. You know that you deserve an amazing women. You don't need to do anything. You don't need a relationship........ Girls start to open you.

I have sensed another transition in my progress over the last year. I use to only really see girls a few times. Some i'd bang on and off for a few months....I use to complain that there wasn't any decent girls that I wanted to actually go out with.....I would look for their flaws rather than their good qualities.....Then it clicked. This was yet another defense mechanism that I had put up over the past few years....another facade to protect my ego. If you don't bet you cant loose......I have started actually dating again, getting to know girls properly. Putting myself out there on the line. Being genuine.

And guess what?

I have met and dated girls who truly are amazing. And everywhere i look, there is another girl that blows me away.,..its hard to choose between them these days.

You attracted what you are.

Also, have you ever been in a situation where you are in a large group of people, there may be you, four other guys, two average girls and one smoking hot 10?

.In the past, my old mindsets would have held me back slightly- i would of thought she will most likely want one of the other guys, or I would think to myself "i don't want to look like I'm trying to pick up this girl in front of others....just in case it didn't work".

These days I know i deserve that girl. The other guys can sense this too. They step back.

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First adventure..........

After a relaxing day of golf and surfing I went to work last friday night.

5pm, and the investment banking chodes are streaming into the bar with their crackberries, couger gold diggers following closely behind. Like every other friday there is a glow about the bar, as most of these poor souls are just estatic to be outside of their cubicle and away from their spreadsheets......regardless, i still hear many talking about the markets and latest IR rise to women...... Its cute to see them so wrapped up in their little worlds........

Time flys by as I am busy serving them trying to get them blind enough to forget all their about 11:30 things start to die down though, I finish and decide to get my drink on. I'm physically ruined at this stage but decide i should man up as a mate's band is playing in the cross.....none other than at the infamous world bar.....I cab it with a few guys and rock in.......

On first impressions I'm quietly surprised, there are lots of nice little blonde things running round......A smile creeps on my face as I know something is going down tonight. I greet my old roomate and meet all of her friends.....all cool, but none for me tongiht...... As they off to get drinks, i see you a young little brunette thing wandering aimlessly around, not very hot but  hot enough to get my attention......she is o' so lost. I grab her and pull her in....explaining that my name is Adam and I simply had to meet her. .......She cant help but smile.

We banter back and forth, about nothing, until her friends runs over and jumps on her. Instantly this new  blonde thing trys to physically pull little brunette away.....But ALAS, my charm is too strong. I laugh as they have a kind of tug of war with their bodies.....blonde pulling away, brunette holding firm trying to stay with me... In a few seconds its over.......She wasnt going anywhere.....

Blondie is now intringued into who this guy must be who defeated her.....she litteraly pushes brunette out of the way to speak to me. We flirt like mad, until brunette gets a little angry......"its ok I say, sharing is caring. You can both share my time". I grab them both and we have a massive hug. Blondie then suggests we sit down, with me in the middle. I drag them onto the couch........

At this stage their friends bring us all drinks and I also see a well dressed guy just give me a death stare from the other corner. Ill call him well-dressed-douche. Somehow I think he knew what i was going to do......there was just nothing he could do to stop it..........Things then start to heat up, I proclaim that "it would be unfair to the other if i just kissed one of you, so we should all kiss together". BANG. 3 way make out continues untill i pull away to give a smirk to well-dressed-douche......his death stare continues......This continues for a few minutes, each of them fighting for my attention. I then start qualifying them both.......blondie is definately hotter and cooler......Decision made. I  lean in and whisper one of my old favourates "I choose you" (thanks tim). she grabs my face and makes out hard.......

At this point, brunette is obviiously pissed at me so she litterally turns to a random beside her and in a last ditch effort, makes out of him to make me jealous........I high five him.

Blondie is getting very turned on, she then starts asking where i live etc. No go. She cant come to mine and I cant come to hers.......her solution " Boys or girls then?" ha.

I grab her and drag her into the guys bathroom.....glory times in the tiny cubicle ensure.....

A minute or so after happy times though, I get a thumping on the door. Shortass-power-trippin-manager and 2 bouncers are waiting outside for us........little brunette finally got her revenge. I frame the shit out the manager but still forced to leave.......I quickly say bye to the girl as the bouncer walks me out........He high fives me as I leave though and apologises for the manager. nice dude.

And home I go......tucked in before 1pm.

Glory Times....
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These past six months have been the calm before the storm........

This year, Ive been crazily busy, finishing my thesis, completing my last year of uni, getting fit, gettitng healthy, reading, networking, starting my own business........i can honestly say i have achieved alot- surpassed even my own expectations.....,

But the time has come...........

No more winter girlfriends, no more quiet nights at home.........

Summer in Sydney has arrived........shits going to get EPIC.

After a few fun nights out last week......I've got that bug again, that cheeky smile, that thrill and knowledge that some SERIOUS ADVENTURES are going to be had.......I cant contain it, I cant even control it.

I'm not going out to fullfill any stupic egoic needs, I'm going out to have FUN.

I've had enough experiences and stories to put most guys in awe.........and to make me relise how shallow and stupid game is if you are simply going out to fill that hole inside, to patch up that wound. This is what i felt like back in the day..........


Over the years, Ive become enlgihtened............Game is glorious. The people, the stories, the fun times.. expressing yourself in the most natural way........causing havoc, bringing the party.......meeting another amazing women and connecting with her.......simply beautiful.

This is the time to ENJOY.


Ps. If ur in sydvegas and want to party hit me up..........
stories to follow
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Just finished reading jeffy's nine ball......WOW.

The whole book conveys a harsh and brutual honesty that smacks you in the face from the get go. You can feel and sense the changes that jeffy goes through over time, a result of the fact that all of the anecdotes were written at the time, rather than in retrospect. His vocab, grammer and tone gradually evolves throughout as he becomes more at peace with himself and the world around him. The transformation is undeniable.  You cannot help but give him respect that he deserves as a person and as a writter. Props man.

Go buy a copy. do it.
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Recently went back and read some old articles that tim had written. .....
"how to tap into your deep champion"
Everyone should read it.
That is all.

Game = woo + intent
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Lately ive had a lot of downtime.
Here are a list ok books ive read travelling from here to there.......

Radical Honesty - Brad Blanton
The Black swan- Nassim Taleb
Choke- Chuck Palhniuk
The Spectator Bird- Wallace Stegner
The Selfish Gene- Richard Dawkings
The Affluent Society- John Galbraith
Women- Charles Bukowski
Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill
Loosing My Virginity- Richard Branson
The Pin Striped Prison...

All of them are good reads and id suggest them to all.
On another note, ive also recently been changing the way I plan. After reading 7 habbits of highly effective people, instead of planning each day, each sunday night before i go to bed I sit down and plan out my full week.......fitting alot more in and cutting out pointless time consuming activities. Give it a go.

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