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It's been a little since I last posted, and it already seems like I've 'leveled up', so to speak. Things seem harder currently. I'm making a positive change for myself, which is stripping away a large portion of my old chode personality. Some people aren't stoked on it though. The old part of me is telling me to go back ot the way some people liked me, while the newer me is saying 'good' this means you are changing, there is no better proof than this.

I suppose I have to be prepared to lose some things and people in my life to better myself, it can't be helped. I accept that. Some of them I would prefer if they stayed around, but I'm doing this for me, not for them.

I've devised my own personal set of rules to start living by, kind of like Tyler's 25 points, instead I limit mine to 10. They will change as things become ingrained in me, or are irrelevant to my living situation. I removed one so I have 9 at the moment, here they are.

#1. - Get a good sleep each night.

#2. - Always be smiling

#3. - Have fun. If something isn't fun, make it fun.

#4. -Don't give a FUCK what anyone thinks about you.

#5. - Eliminate negativity and psychological time. If you can't think positively, clear the mind and follow rule #2.

#6. - No excuses. If any opprtunity arises, act on it. Stay steady with rules #1 and 3 for best results.

#7. - Don't judge ANYONE for ANYTHING.

#8. - Do what needs to be done.

And last of all right now,

#9. - Fuck all the rules.
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I started to realize a trend I notice with women, that I never picked up before. I could be totally wrong, or totally right. Anyways...

Humans are social by nature, females probably even moreso. Down at our very core, so long as you don't smell, and like absolutely hideous, no person or woman should blow you out before even speaking with them.

When you 'open' a girl, how you come across is now coming into the equation.  If you are coming from a feeling of being underneath them in value, they will feel it, and treat you like so. From there, there should be a point where she now understands your intentions, to fuck her.

This is where shit testing can begin. I believe this is to see how much value you feel you have as a person, under pressure and attempts to belittle you. This is where most guys, including myself, get blown out. Not enough confidence that her sleeping with you is a good idea for her, not just you.

If you make it through there, the shit tests should stop coming, and now it's just all you leading. Now she can say, "It just happened" to her friends. She wasn't the easy who took nothing, she was the girl who a high value guy wanted. She wants to be able to tell her friends proudly that she went home with you, because it's going to get out one way or another. If you will increase her feeling of social value, chances are better she will, if you are coming from beneath her value level, she probably won't, this would negatively affect her social value.

I believe a girl who has sex with high value guys just as often as your average will be treated differently. All girls want to fuck, it's natural. They just care about their social status more due to social conditioning. If you can make a girl feel like fucking you will increase her value, she's up for it. That's why girls can have fuckbuddies, if the guy is of value enough that no one will judge her or demean her for it. That's why being accepting to a degree is vital.

I could be wrong, but this all feels pretty damn right to me. If anyone has a different opinion or view, please share it. The more knowledge the better!

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I've been having some trouble giving value vs coming across as seeking value. I find myself sometimes trying to give value, for the self-gratification thus really only seeking value. I'm weaving back and forth.

When I try to ground myself into the Now I find myself trying to do something to prove I'm there, which is totally reverse. When you're really there you don't need to test it, you know you are there.

I was listening to a friend play guitar and sing today and realized he's come a far way since I last remember, which made me come to realize by watching someone else progress, you cannot progress yourself. You can get stoked off of seeing the progression, but it's all on you to progress in the end. Paying attention to other people's lives distracts you from yours.  This doesn't mean fuck everyone, I'm doing this for me and me only now, rather I'm going to focus on me progressing myself or doing my thing more often.

Last thing for tonight, I found myself trying to act in so many different manners, act outcome independant, act grounded, act alpha, so on and so forth. Too much doing, not enough being. I need to take it back a little, speak with authenticity, and be a little bit more. That it all.
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I found something that I hadn't fully grasped before - Passion!

It came from conversation with my friends tonight. He was talking about a Sensority Deprivitive Floating Machine (which just sounds awesome in it's own right.). He was so passionate about it, we couldn't help but get interested, even though we had no idea what it was! So we talked and talked, then we got to how my friend had heard of it, he said it was word of mouth, kind of like what we were doing now. That's when I said it,

"When you're talking about something you're so passionate about, it's hard not to be interested!"

I was the one that had said it, but never really realized the truth behind it! How could you run out of things to talk about when you're so passionate about things? You couldn't! That's the transition from giving value in a conversation as opposed to seeking value. Your passion.

If you're saying things for a reaction, or for the sake of contributing, it feels like your words don't have too much weight to them. Saying things with passion gives them value, versus seeking value, such as a responce or such.

This is a term that I personally believe was hindering me for the longest time. I would always use transitional words, "And, like, so, well" so on and so forth. It felt like I'm trying to impress you or run it on. When you become passionate you remove those words, and feel like you're giving out straight gold.

That's what Tyler and Tim were talking about. Tyler talking about just being authentic about the "wall" in the conversation in Blueprint. Tim talked about having nights that you feel everything you say is pure gold. They both lead to being passionate!

By effectively eliminating these words from the use I had originally used them for, and put more emphasis into other aspects of the conversation and life, my social skills or value will rise! I feel it.

Try it yourself, listen to someone who is really passionate about what they do, if you are present in the moment (as you should always be), you will feel pulled into the conversation. If someone isn't passionate about it, you can feel it, and start to drift, because you aren't really pulled in by it.

As an exmaple, this could be why when "chode" you is talking to a girl, it doesn't have much substance, or passion, another guy or something else will come into her RAS, leaving you out of it! This is opposed to lets call it, "State" or "Present" you is so much better! You're in the moment, and passionate about the moment. That's what matters to you. You could use the exact same words as "chode" you would, and be more attractive, just because you're passionate.

A man who doesn't have any passion to him is boring. He drifts through the wind, being attracted to where the interest or value is.

A man with passion is interesting! "What does he like? What gets him so passionate? Why is he so passionate about whatever it is?" This might go through peoples minds as you speak, because you're creating/giving value. Instead of being the drifter, who isn't giving value, you're the one people drift to, in order to give that value.

This can only be done by people who are comfortable with themselves though. People who live off creating that value cannot sustain it, if people just are too far from the concept of it, or any other reason, they will wander. You have to be comfortable with people not wanting your value sometimes. If not you're just seeking them to flock to you as a source of value. It's the whole being comfortable with yourself thing. If someone else is holding the floor, you can't freak out trying to gain your spot back in. You have to be alright with things, accept them as they are, and stay present. Contribute where you do, then when something passionate to you comes along, jump in with what you feel.

That was a mouthful, or a brainful there. Hope to soak it all in, this is all stuff I understood, but never really knew until today. I'm a lot of you reading this will feel the same.



A little side note, breathe deeply, as often as you can, It keeps you grounded into the Meow which in turn can keep you passionate!
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I've found lately that I'm very at peace with myself, which is a good thing. Living in "The Now" as Tolle would say is a very fufilling thing, to the point where I felt as though I was happy enough just being.

However I was contributing no value to the world.

Before I was contributing harmful value I guess you could call it, lots of negativity and confusion. I now feel lifted through that, and for a bit there felt like almost in a state of Nirvana.

I still seek to give value though. In all aspects of life, not just one. I wish to give value throughout my own experiences. I need to step up and take risks for fun, even if my so called "ego" is fueled by it sometimes.

This means a new level of learning for me. Knowledge is going to come through a different frame, or perhaps purely unfiltered by my ego. Whichever one it may be, I wish to live in the Now, but set goals and objectives with the future in mind.

This is what I know, and I intend to do my best with it. Go out three times a week? With Tycho it's likely haha! Learn something new each time? That's what I hope. Have fun without being ego seeking? It will all come.

Next thing on my agenda? The Claw!

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Perhaps I always knew, but my mind just refuse to see it.

Anyways, something I witnessed. People choose to dress a certain way or act in a certain manner to give themselves a state of identity. A "punk" dresses and does what he does to identify himself as a punk, so to give his mind something to tell him he is.  People are scared of identifying themselves with who they are, because they don't understand it, it's just too foreign to them.  It's interesting to see. I feel as if you stripped these people away of their possessions and what they associate themselves with, they wouldn't know what to do. Very interesting.

People are too often led by emotions, becoming the emotion itself. You become lust, or anger, or anything like that. The emotion takes control of you until you are just a host for the emotion, acting totally unconscious of the moment.

That's really all I have to say, it's not much, but it's simple.
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Adrenaline is pumping through me as I write this, that's how scared  I am right now. I started reading "The Power of Now" yesterday, and a lot of it is ringing through. Some of it is changing me at a core level, thus the fear. I know my mind is scared to stop thinking. I'm doing my best to be conscious of my thoughts, not judging, just merely observing and understanding the reasoning behind them.

It's all fear. There's no reason for my mind to be thinking nearly all my thoughts for any other reason than fear. I'm growing aware of this, and it's scaring me. That isn't a reason to stop though. It's a reason to continue. My minds' fear of losing control is surging emotion through my body, that's how scared it is, after 19 years to lose control.

My reality is every being expanded again. I'm seeing things my mind filtered out. The filter is slowly being removed. I see things twice at once, once through the filter, and once without. I see it in other people, the insecurities of their own thoughts, It's like being exposed to a world you never knew existed, but it was staring you in the face all your life. Is there more out there that is just like this? Things we see, but our mind doesn't want to or cannot comprehend, iso it blocks it out all together? I'm certain there is, but I just cannot see it, yet.

I'm scared to see what's going to happen, but I now know I could never go back, or perhaps I could, and forget about it all. I don't want to. I'd rather live through the fear, where ever it may lead me. Change is happening, and I know now to embrace it all, for I have chosen this. Marvel every moment of this breakthrough, live it fully, that's what I will do.
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I don't know what hit me but I like it. I plan to stay like this, because idgaf. I'm writing this one as a reminder of how I felt this night and how to remain or get back to it should I ever fall out.  Have a few drinks, it's fine. Chew some gum, it helps. Get the smirk going on. Now GO.
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Just a little thought I had that I had to write down before I forget the theory behind it.

Absolute Belief: I realize that in most ineractions that you're trying to pick up girls, if you make one mistake it's usually over. It doesn't seem fair to begin with, but now it feels proper.

Girls havesome many guys to choose from, and so many guys hitting on them, that they can generally pick and choose who and what they want. So why would they waste their time on a guy who isn't what they want?

That's where the absolute belief in yourself, and your words are key to everything. If you don't have absolute belief in yourself, why should anyone else believe in you? In a girls case, why should she believe you're the sex worthy guy if you don't even have full belief that everything you say is valuable? So say things because you want to, not because you feel you need to in order to get value. Amuse yourself, say those shocking things, but always believe it. If she shit tests' you, it shouldn't matter, you shouldn't even need to address it if you're speaking with absolute belief in yourself.

So this is my little theory, or actualization of mine. Tell me your thoughts on it and if you can contribute more, great!

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I've ablways loved RDJ's work. Actually before I found out about RSD I sort of made him my role model. He's a man who came from the darkest depths, to rise to super stardom so to speak. He's the kind of guy that is super confident in himself, and can get away with some of those crazy comments, because people are so sucked into his reality, waiting to here what he's going to say next. Myself included. I youtube'd some speeches of his, and in one of them he actually says "I believe that everyone creates their own.... realities." He doesn't touch on much more than that, but it makes me think he's thinking along the same lines as I am. I'm going to keep a closer eye on him, because I'd say he still is my role model.

One thing he said really hit me. "You either have to have it planned out 100%, or just have a couple ideas and go with it." He's right. Most of my life I would try to come up with crazy plans for everything, having everything down to the tee, and it very rarely worked, because there would be one or two little errors which screwed everything up. Yet when I just sorta had a vision, and a couple ideas, things usually worked out better. Maybe because I had no expectations for it, just ideas and a general vision.

I'm going to create my own little idea. Come up with a couple ideas, go from there, but speak one of my ideas. For example, if there's a girl I think is attractive, that's my first thought/idea. "Wow, you look good, I have to meet you." Then whatever else. Maybe a had a scrumptious dessert beforehand or something, who knows. but just roll with it. Maybe strawberries and whipped cream? Maybe she's never tried the whipped cream licked off the body trick? Who know's where things might lead to.

Anyways that's all I have to say. I've noticed half these things are for anyone who reads them, then the other half is just a writen vomit of my thoughts, getting everything off my chest, or anything I'd like to remember. In this instance, I've just recently started meditating again, and it's great. I'm also trying to 'blank out' the mind even when I'm not meditating, and I find myself noticing different things, and just passively smiliing already. Perhaps because there's no good or bad when you're not thinking, so you just go back to your default state, happiness. :D
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