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Ahhh epiphanies left right and centre!  Went out to the clubs for my first time legally with Tycho, and had an interesting experience.  Only opened with two girls, but that's totally worth the trade off of this epiphany.  An hour or two in I was in the worst state, I didn't even approach girls just out of the courtasy of knowing my mood would bring them down. Then it picked up for the last 20 mins then we left. What did I do? Approach two HB8 or 9's I'd say, and get blown out, and laughed! What I should've done?  Continue.  What was my epiphany?  Give value.  For most of the night I was like "Ahhh I know I want to have fun, but this isn't really fun! I don't really like dancing, drinking is okay but not totally what I want to do, so how can I have fun?" Then I realized it. GIVE VALUE. Add value to the club, enjoy the interaction, enjoy being alive! Enjoy being around so many cutie's and dance like an idiot! Do what I want! But add value! Be a guy that is happy in is own reality, that is confident to bring women into his reality because he's having fun! Oh so much was learned today.  I plan to go out every night possible for the next month straight to get used to the atmosphere and to learn how to have fun!

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