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Just talking with one of my best female friends, and asked her why girls like drama so much even when they hate it. I wasn't really serious, because I thought I knew the answer.


Her response?  Because it keeps life exciting I guess?


That threw me off so hard when I realized she was right. There is no drama when you and her are having fun, or life is exciting. So when it isn't happening, they create it unconsciously! So best way to stop drama? Ignore it and do what you want, SELF AMUSE.

Wow, I can't believe I didn't understand that. I'm a fuck ass. I thought I knew so much. I need to get off my high horse.  I've been learning from all of these 'sages' so to speak. The RSD crew, lots of Eastern Philosophy and other stuff, now I need to start learning from the fools. Not to say my friend is a fool, she's a beaut. She just see's the world from a social conditioning view I think. There we go again, feeling like I'm superior because "I've beaten social conditioning"!

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