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Damn I guess I was right to begin with, 8 posts.

Labeling things is stupid. There is no way to express things in words that isn't overly 'ego'. The mind cannot perceive nor 'get' reality, thus labeling anything at all separates us further and further from the truth. Saying you're having fun doesn't mean anything. What is fun? A made of definition of your little secluded version of reality. An attempt to constrain and label what 'is'. That which needs no name, for a name cannot do it justice. If I were to ask you to describe fun, how would you? If I were to ask you the same question while having 'fun', would you not say, this? There is no describing something that needs or has no name, by naming it you reduce it to a smaller sense of what it is. If you leave it unnamed, it's free to become what it is, fully and truly, with no restrictive barriers from the mind. Words are paper thin, no true depth to them. Silence holds the depth we seek, the silence and acceptance to what is allows us to see the moment as a whole.
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