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A interesting thought. Do we always say, I'm this or that? Associating our identity, our sense of who we are, with an emotion? Do we mean that at that moment if our lives, we WERE that emotion, not ourselves FEELING an emotion? Many people are ruled or live by their emotions, so this could be true. I'm sure I have been the same way for a very long time, living as emotions instead of myself, feeling emotions.

As a side note, having proper rest is so vital. I never knew how much of a difference it makes. If you are tired all day, or all your life, you live each day simply enough to make it back to bed. Not too exciting. If you have that proper rest, we are actually emitting energy, higher happiness and content, with a willing attitude to go out and live. Rule number one will always be on my list of rules, and stay as number one.

Obviously everyone feels like they have a lot more value when they are drunk, therefore talking more. I need to be a bit more quiet. It's not a bad thing, I'm offering a TON of value. It's all about perceived realities though, theres so many things they don't understand due to that, therefore not caring.

That part doesn't matter to me, offering value is great, at the RIGHT moment. It's a party! We go out, have fun, be social! Not attempting to be serious conversations. Lie I said however, being conscious of this all, its all things I work on.

I can touch on Caley as well. Shes really cute. Looking in hindsight, either she doesn't feel that, or doesn't feel that she has much value. I was POURING out value when I was talking to her, yet I talked too much. Made her feel like she didn't have the same quantity or quality to contribute with, so for the most part she didn't. Instances like that require less talking, more accepting. I'm CERTAIN she would have opened up if I talked less, admired more. Feeling that vibe of acceptance always opens people up, which would have brought her main actor out onto the stage, and an even more beautiful duet could have begun.

Now here we are on the ferry, being lovestruck by honeys left right and centre. I smile at them, some smile back. Still not waving though. I realize I'm enjoying and admiring a lot of the simple things in life, things I would not have noticed before, such as a child, so innocent and pure, or the birth mark on at blonde cutie, which I'm sure she worries about all the time. Sorry honey, if we had our duet, you would find out that's what kept my attention on you, that you should wear it with pride. I really hope you do, its so cute. I notice people laughing, children being excited, people in general enjoying their life, in the meow. :)
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