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A brief thought process I had in the shower. It's bout what Eckhart and tyler were saying about the 'ego'. Dont associate yourself with it, but accept it when it is there. Don't be reactive to 'ego' is what I think I'm trying to get to. When thoughts chain off and off into that never ending stream, that is reacting to the ego.

In the shower i decided to accept the thoughts 'ego' was producing, but just accept them, no thought on them, no reactivity to it. Exactly like how was listening to the blueprint last night. Things got a lot less busy shortly after. This felt really good. I also feel that thinking is not bad, so long as 'core' is thinking. 'ego' is even alright sometimes, so long as it isnt projecting itself somewhere else other than Now for an inflation in itself.

My thought was, thinking isn't so bad, if directed with good purpose, and not always. I think i had something else to throw in as well, I cannot remember.

MY buddies friend kendra was really cute, like I expected. Kendras and sarahs, they love strike me both. I wasn't gaming, instead having a nice conversation and having 'core' flow through. I found it well. There was a slight pause after I introduced myself, then extended my hand. Before, 'ego' definitely would have felt awkward in that pause, 'core' felt no change, which us great! There's nothing else much in that, aside from the fact that I joke around a lot more, even with cuties. Feels pleasant.

I've started to dislike using objectifying words like "good, bad, shitty, unfortunate, great". It feels like I'm judging someone from my standpoint, which I'm not really into. It's their life, judging it does nothing for either of us. Maybe it does for 'ego', not 'core'. I'm not taking much too seriously, instead I'm keeping 'core' the main actor in my play, and bring people I would like to have I'm my story into it. Its fun for me, and fun for them, all is well :) perhaps we even branch away and make our own story for a while, or perhaps the night!
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