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Now it's time for my thoughts and other stuff throughout the day. First of all, I'm going to start waving to cuties I see. Tis is a small step towards being physical. Start with the smile, if they make eye contact, wave. Smple as that. Just thinking about it 'ego' is alright wanting to object this, but 'core' shall press on. I would love to start opening girls anywhere, this has a solid foundation to prepare for that.

Like I was saying the other night about not riding the glory of the night before, I'm going to write in here more often, daily even. This allows me to document my days, with my successes, and perhaps blow outs. By doing this I free myself from the egoic thinking and needed those moments in my conscious.

As jeffy said, I'm not present, I am back at the club, making out with zoe on the dance floor, or getting that message from those girls, or whatever. If I forget that I have done something before, and WILL do it again, I can come back here to review it.

This way I can focus on the present moment. Success is good, failure of the idealized outcome is good for learning, so all is 'good', but for progress to be made, I stay present, and reflect only when necessary for a purpose which might occur, or grab further value from it LATER.
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