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Listening to blueprint and flawless natural along this trip has been amazing for me. So much has come to light, the last two nights are SOLID evidence of this. Brought me to another thought pattern. When you have a killer night, great. Don't live off the coattails of it the next day though. What? Yupp. Like what Tyler said, it's a REFERENCE experience.

In the shower, 'ego' was bored because nothing interesting was happening in the shower, so where did he go? Back to the nightclub last night, hooking up on the dance floor. This was good to remember and get stoked on, but its really just the ego looking for that emotional spike. 'core' looks at it as, yes last night WAS indeed successful in many ways, but that was yesterday. Now we are here, in the now.

'Core' sees the night as a reference experience, meaning he doesn't dwell on it, but can recall it. When I go out tonight I can say "I've done it before, I'm doing it again." 'ego' is like noooooo! Place it safe bro! It might hurt me! 'Core' goes fuck you, bro. This has happened before, therefore it is happen again. Also, I am indifferent to the outcome. Why? I'm the main actor in my play, this is my story.

So there we go, reference experiences, not reliving old glories. See you tonight!

the claw always wins! The claw always wins!
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