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Its us again! Today was so much fun, more importantly I wanted to touch on something I felt inside me during the shower. That's the 'core' me, and my 'ego'. Recognizing my core self last night was golden, it helped me realize that aspect of me feels NO change if things were to go opposite to the way my EGO wanted it to go. That made me think, there is predominately two "me's" occupying my mind. 90%ish of the time it is my ego, and he other 10ish is the core me. My ego loves to go on an emotional roller coaster ride, up and down, back and forth through time, everything. It hates 'core' mind, because he is totally contempt with Now, and everything else happening around him. He doesn't take life too seriously, almost as if our lives are a show. The earth and our reality is our stage, and we are e actors. In turn, he views it like so, an amusing play. When 'core' is the main actor, things happen around him, he jams to the beat of his own theme so to speak. People will come in and out of his play/story, but he is always the main character. 'Ego' is quite different. Ego doesn't accept the stage, so he starts dreaming and thinking of stages he'd rather be in. When he does this, he stops being the main actor in his own play, he let's people dictate the story of us life, instead of him. He secretly enjoys this. This is creating different scenarios which are giving him those ups and downs he loves, and he believes it's easier than being the main actor, because you just go with what flows. He also gets worried when he's in control, and 'core' wants to take over. He gets worried that he's going to get hurt, blah blah blah. 'core' however, is getting more stage time, and isn't taking 'ego' to seriously, he just repeats and reap eats and repeats till the ego is too scared and packs 'er in, letting 'core' control the play again. What am I getting at? Life is a grand show, and I am the main actor, when I choose to be. Don't let 'ego' interfere, and don't take him too seriously. Be aware when he is running the show, and make sure to awaken the 'core' and get him front and centre. He deserves it.
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