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I realize I have way more than 8 blog posts to share, so I'll say many instead.

This was the most important conscious realization of the entire trip. This changed everything.

Something so important, perhaps I never noticed it. The feeling I have in snow, is presence. The outcome dependence, is non existent. I'm loving life, and nothing will change that, anything I do is for the pure self amusement of it. Which I think I understand now. Self amusement isn't making yourself laugh or something, it can be. It's doing what you want to, because, you want to. Not what your ego wants to, but what then PRESENT you wants to. The you that is there, acceptant of the moment, that has no ego to be hurt or boasted, just experiences to be had, be it 'good' or 'bad'. I think this has always been something I'm good at, at a very level energy level, but its the most basic level, which is the most important. So perhaps I can build on this thought, help it to expand and grow, to make it part of my everyday conscious. For now, I shall sleep, to be ready for the day ahead. :)
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