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I started to realize a trend I notice with women, that I never picked up before. I could be totally wrong, or totally right. Anyways...

Humans are social by nature, females probably even moreso. Down at our very core, so long as you don't smell, and like absolutely hideous, no person or woman should blow you out before even speaking with them.

When you 'open' a girl, how you come across is now coming into the equation.  If you are coming from a feeling of being underneath them in value, they will feel it, and treat you like so. From there, there should be a point where she now understands your intentions, to fuck her.

This is where shit testing can begin. I believe this is to see how much value you feel you have as a person, under pressure and attempts to belittle you. This is where most guys, including myself, get blown out. Not enough confidence that her sleeping with you is a good idea for her, not just you.

If you make it through there, the shit tests should stop coming, and now it's just all you leading. Now she can say, "It just happened" to her friends. She wasn't the easy who took nothing, she was the girl who a high value guy wanted. She wants to be able to tell her friends proudly that she went home with you, because it's going to get out one way or another. If you will increase her feeling of social value, chances are better she will, if you are coming from beneath her value level, she probably won't, this would negatively affect her social value.

I believe a girl who has sex with high value guys just as often as your average will be treated differently. All girls want to fuck, it's natural. They just care about their social status more due to social conditioning. If you can make a girl feel like fucking you will increase her value, she's up for it. That's why girls can have fuckbuddies, if the guy is of value enough that no one will judge her or demean her for it. That's why being accepting to a degree is vital.

I could be wrong, but this all feels pretty damn right to me. If anyone has a different opinion or view, please share it. The more knowledge the better!

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