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Perhaps I always knew, but my mind just refuse to see it.

Anyways, something I witnessed. People choose to dress a certain way or act in a certain manner to give themselves a state of identity. A "punk" dresses and does what he does to identify himself as a punk, so to give his mind something to tell him he is.  People are scared of identifying themselves with who they are, because they don't understand it, it's just too foreign to them.  It's interesting to see. I feel as if you stripped these people away of their possessions and what they associate themselves with, they wouldn't know what to do. Very interesting.

People are too often led by emotions, becoming the emotion itself. You become lust, or anger, or anything like that. The emotion takes control of you until you are just a host for the emotion, acting totally unconscious of the moment.

That's really all I have to say, it's not much, but it's simple.
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