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I was thinking on the drive home, how easy it is to smile and feel better when I've had a good day. Now as obvious as that sounds, it goes deeper.

What does having a good day mean, as a person, and as a man?

They both lead to the same feeling, and are really one in the same I think.  Tim and Tyler talk about "Male Polarity", I think Tim described it best by saying it's when you feel like, well, a man. Whether you just had amazing sex and left the girl starstruck, or just did something that gets the testosterone flowing. I think that also ties into having a good day. How?

Well today, I went snowboarding (Which is something so ingrained into my life it partially defines who I am.), then went to my buddies house and chilled, then went to the pool with a few more friends, then wound up here. So me as a person had a great day. I felt like I had owned the day, acomplished what Ihad wanted to do. So as a man I had a good day, because of those same reasons.

In the most basic form, I came, I saw, I conquered. That's like the fundamentals of being a man. So of course when I had a good day as a person, "Male Polarity" should be shining throuhg as well. Perhaps even vice-versa, but I'm uncertain.

What I've decided to do now is set a goal for each day, big or small, and do it. So every day I can have that feeling of acomplishment.  Doesn't matter if it's something as simple as getting up a bit earlier than usual, or maybe having a stellar day like today. Just own it.

This ties into self confidence as well. If you repeatedly accomplish your goals, that's a great boost to your self esteem. So next time you think, "Can I do this?" Your immediate thought should follow up as "Fuck yeah! I set and acomplish my goals daily!"

That's all for now. Tomorrow's goal..... Start my old work out routine again, but with 30lb weights instead of 20lbs. OWN IT!

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