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Just got back from the clubs, had a great time! Didn't really approach at the clubs too much, but met a few new girls at my friends house before we went out and things went well with them.

I've realized I set my standards way too high for myself at this stage. I've seen Blueprint decoded, I'm in the process of getting through Flawless Natural right now, and reading a lot on the forums. I think this is making me think I should be at an instructors level or something, pulling everynight and just totally flowing. NO. I just turned 19, I haven't been very social before this, so right now, the fact that I'm hugging every girl I meet, and being more physical is good. I can't beat myself up over anything, beause I really am progressing, even if it's in small steps. Any movement forward is good.

I'm getting a little bit more used to the clubs, this is good seeing this was only my second time out. I didn't do any cold appraoches, yet I eyed a couple girls who I felt I should open with. I realized I need a bit of advice on opening when the vibe is already set towards dancing lets say. Maybe I just need to work on my own personal flow a bit more as well.

Anyways it doesn't matter anyways, I had a good time, I getting comfortable in my new found atmosphere, things will fall into place with all the knowledge I'm gaining through everyone day by day.

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Don corleon

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Take one part of the game and master it. Do it step by step. Too much info can hurt you in the long run.
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