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I've ablways loved RDJ's work. Actually before I found out about RSD I sort of made him my role model. He's a man who came from the darkest depths, to rise to super stardom so to speak. He's the kind of guy that is super confident in himself, and can get away with some of those crazy comments, because people are so sucked into his reality, waiting to here what he's going to say next. Myself included. I youtube'd some speeches of his, and in one of them he actually says "I believe that everyone creates their own.... realities." He doesn't touch on much more than that, but it makes me think he's thinking along the same lines as I am. I'm going to keep a closer eye on him, because I'd say he still is my role model.

One thing he said really hit me. "You either have to have it planned out 100%, or just have a couple ideas and go with it." He's right. Most of my life I would try to come up with crazy plans for everything, having everything down to the tee, and it very rarely worked, because there would be one or two little errors which screwed everything up. Yet when I just sorta had a vision, and a couple ideas, things usually worked out better. Maybe because I had no expectations for it, just ideas and a general vision.

I'm going to create my own little idea. Come up with a couple ideas, go from there, but speak one of my ideas. For example, if there's a girl I think is attractive, that's my first thought/idea. "Wow, you look good, I have to meet you." Then whatever else. Maybe a had a scrumptious dessert beforehand or something, who knows. but just roll with it. Maybe strawberries and whipped cream? Maybe she's never tried the whipped cream licked off the body trick? Who know's where things might lead to.

Anyways that's all I have to say. I've noticed half these things are for anyone who reads them, then the other half is just a writen vomit of my thoughts, getting everything off my chest, or anything I'd like to remember. In this instance, I've just recently started meditating again, and it's great. I'm also trying to 'blank out' the mind even when I'm not meditating, and I find myself noticing different things, and just passively smiliing already. Perhaps because there's no good or bad when you're not thinking, so you just go back to your default state, happiness. :D
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