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 Yo I just finished watching Tyler's video about how painful experiences with game and girls is a positive and NECESSARY thing in order to become good.

Owen also touched on saying that you need to find that inner joy, and when you do, your game will THEN AGAIN improve.

It made me realize something. I've been going about things the wrong way. I've been trying to find inner joy to show girls that I have it, which means I never had it at all. I need to genuinely not give a fuck if they stick around or not. Not just show them that it looks like I won't.

At this time, I'm not taking a break from game, because I can't. This shit is imbedded into me. It's something I want to do, something I want to improve at, it's something I view s a worth-while investment of my time. But I'm gonna relax on it a little bit. Take a bit more time to do/find that inner joy and happiness that Owen talks about. I already know when I'm happy for no reason at all, my game is way better than it is now. I lack the intent sometimes cause of it, but I'm definitely not scared to approach or get blown out.

So I'm gonna throw this thing on the back burners for a tiny bit. Just long enough to wake up each day with a sense of excitment and joy, and maintain it. Even as I type this now, I doubt I'll stop much, it's not hard to continue. I'm just gona run solo for a while, and when girls come around, cool I'll be me. But better.

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