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I've been having some trouble giving value vs coming across as seeking value. I find myself sometimes trying to give value, for the self-gratification thus really only seeking value. I'm weaving back and forth.

When I try to ground myself into the Now I find myself trying to do something to prove I'm there, which is totally reverse. When you're really there you don't need to test it, you know you are there.

I was listening to a friend play guitar and sing today and realized he's come a far way since I last remember, which made me come to realize by watching someone else progress, you cannot progress yourself. You can get stoked off of seeing the progression, but it's all on you to progress in the end. Paying attention to other people's lives distracts you from yours.  This doesn't mean fuck everyone, I'm doing this for me and me only now, rather I'm going to focus on me progressing myself or doing my thing more often.

Last thing for tonight, I found myself trying to act in so many different manners, act outcome independant, act grounded, act alpha, so on and so forth. Too much doing, not enough being. I need to take it back a little, speak with authenticity, and be a little bit more. That it all.
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nice post :)
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