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On the drive back from taking photographs, I started rehearsing per-say. Started with a basic opener, "HEY, hey you! Come here!" and saying it in BR continously. Almost having a conversation with myself, all in BR. PRacticing different words and phrases. If you have said, "You're coming home with me tonight" 1000 times, chances are you won't be stifled when you tell that girl it as well. But if you've never said it EVER, you might fuck up, and fuck up the pull.

So I started saying different things, things I've never actually said before, things I could say for pulling, things for resistance, anything and everything. I find I get into that state as well. While I was driving this girl calls, what did I do?

I was like "EY YOU! WHAT'S UP!?" full BR. Outcome? Attraction, and maintainment of that baller state. Before I go out to the clubs, the entire drive there I'm going to be doing this, so when I get there, I already got that shit on lock. CHY CHY BRAP BRAP.

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