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No one knows. How freeing does that feel? To me, it's like the weight of the world off my shoulders.  After watching a bit of "Flawless Natural" along with just finishing "The Blueprint", it hit me.  No one knows.  Where am I? Here. Where's here? My house in British Columbia, Canada. Where's that? Earth. Where's Earth? Milky Way Galaxy. Where's that? The Universe. Where's that? No one knows. Where do we go when we die? No one knows. Will this girl blow me out? No one knows.  Will she be totally stoked on me? No one knows. 

It's not just me that doesn't know, it's everyone.  That's what's so freeing! There's infinite possibilities of every situation. Maybe this girl just has a thing for guys like me, or was already eying me up! No one knows. Maybe this girl will tell me to fuck off! No one knows.  It's just so wonderful to know that no one knows, and ANYTHING could happen. My best friend could wake up tomorrow and be like "I fucking hate Acro." No one knows!  So instead of thinking about anything else, focus on and enjoy the now, because it's the only thing we know, because it's happening! How exciting is that?!
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