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Something I realized in the shower today.  In our little city, there is no one like Tycho and myself. This sounds very ego gratifying, and it is. If you let your ego get to it. All it is though, is a fact.

I see all these dudes out, scared to approach, trying for rapport if they manage to talk to a girl. The 'Players' out here only have confidence that's about as deep as a kiddie pool. They cause drama to remind their ego that it's important.  The girls are a result of this. They crave this drama, because it makes them feel important. They don't have any guys that accept them for who they are, do their own thing, and have their own fun. The girls in this town have more balls than the guys. I saw a girl getting physical with a guy on the bar balcony, and the moderately well dressed, cocky looking guy could do nothing but leave his smirk on while this girl was all over him. No make out, nothing. Just smiling. Poor girl.

Then there's Tycho and I. We know what we're worth. We escalate before the women do. We won't go out bragging that we got your phone number or fucked you. We won't freak out if you lose attraction or float off to another guy. If I'm not dating you, I don't have any control over what you do. Even then, I still don't, you have self made obligations instead.

This doesn't mean we are men who will take being pushed around.  Keep your word ladies. If you say you're going to meet up with us tonight, then do it. Will we be unimpressed if you flake? If you said you'd show, yes we will be. Will we make a big deal of it? No. Gentlemen always have a busy social schedule, if you don't want to be a part of it, there are others that we can share our time with.

I find the more and more depth you add to your character and yourself, the more of it you can see, or sense amongst other people. This is probably why Bootcamp instructors can identify things about you faster and better than you could about your own self. It's like being at the bottom of a light filled ocean, and looking up. If you're only a few feet deep, and all you can do it look up, you have no idea what true depth looks like. As you gain more and more of it, you start to realize more and more.

From here on out, I understand, at least in this town, what the shield that some girls put up is for. It's because guys who manage to get past it, don't have the depth she thought they had, and turned out to be labeled a or something rediculous for submiting to the guy. So ladies, when I plow through this shield, I won't take anything you say personal, because it's not. And when you wake up beside me in the morning, you won't regret a thing. Why?

Because I'm my own ten.

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 good shit, very inspiring
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haha fuck yeah man, living in a small town reallly gives people an excuse not to man up but i'm glad you guys took the initiative to do what you know is right

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