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It's been a little since I last posted, and it already seems like I've 'leveled up', so to speak. Things seem harder currently. I'm making a positive change for myself, which is stripping away a large portion of my old chode personality. Some people aren't stoked on it though. The old part of me is telling me to go back ot the way some people liked me, while the newer me is saying 'good' this means you are changing, there is no better proof than this.

I suppose I have to be prepared to lose some things and people in my life to better myself, it can't be helped. I accept that. Some of them I would prefer if they stayed around, but I'm doing this for me, not for them.

I've devised my own personal set of rules to start living by, kind of like Tyler's 25 points, instead I limit mine to 10. They will change as things become ingrained in me, or are irrelevant to my living situation. I removed one so I have 9 at the moment, here they are.

#1. - Get a good sleep each night.

#2. - Always be smiling

#3. - Have fun. If something isn't fun, make it fun.

#4. -Don't give a FUCK what anyone thinks about you.

#5. - Eliminate negativity and psychological time. If you can't think positively, clear the mind and follow rule #2.

#6. - No excuses. If any opprtunity arises, act on it. Stay steady with rules #1 and 3 for best results.

#7. - Don't judge ANYONE for ANYTHING.

#8. - Do what needs to be done.

And last of all right now,

#9. - Fuck all the rules.
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