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Adrenaline is pumping through me as I write this, that's how scared  I am right now. I started reading "The Power of Now" yesterday, and a lot of it is ringing through. Some of it is changing me at a core level, thus the fear. I know my mind is scared to stop thinking. I'm doing my best to be conscious of my thoughts, not judging, just merely observing and understanding the reasoning behind them.

It's all fear. There's no reason for my mind to be thinking nearly all my thoughts for any other reason than fear. I'm growing aware of this, and it's scaring me. That isn't a reason to stop though. It's a reason to continue. My minds' fear of losing control is surging emotion through my body, that's how scared it is, after 19 years to lose control.

My reality is every being expanded again. I'm seeing things my mind filtered out. The filter is slowly being removed. I see things twice at once, once through the filter, and once without. I see it in other people, the insecurities of their own thoughts, It's like being exposed to a world you never knew existed, but it was staring you in the face all your life. Is there more out there that is just like this? Things we see, but our mind doesn't want to or cannot comprehend, iso it blocks it out all together? I'm certain there is, but I just cannot see it, yet.

I'm scared to see what's going to happen, but I now know I could never go back, or perhaps I could, and forget about it all. I don't want to. I'd rather live through the fear, where ever it may lead me. Change is happening, and I know now to embrace it all, for I have chosen this. Marvel every moment of this breakthrough, live it fully, that's what I will do.
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Fear comes from the ego, it is what fuels the distinctions, barriers, associations, and thus the structure and constructs that build the ego - it's like the glue that keeps it all held together. You have begun the process of dissolving your own ego and the end-result is either to continually maintain a state of dissolved ego or to build up another one - it's inevitable unless you know the 'secret formula' (the fact that there actually isn't one blah blah blah blah). Next comes an ascension in consciousness. Check out states of consciousness - you're moving from Egoistic to Dualistic and after that is transcendental or Pure consciosuness, then after that is God consciousness or cosmic consciousness then i believe god consciousness in a place where u feel higher and different and finally unity consciousness where we all feel that we are one but not one due to a whole bunch of filters --> At the core we are consciousness but then we ascend into greater complexities of truths such as different organizations and amounts of atoms, molecules, cells, cell membranes, etc that make up our human body which our energy field dominantly dominates although it begins to sense greater levels of the outside world. Anyways i just went 0-60,000mph on you so by the end of it, it all probably sounds extremely crazy. You've started an amazing, and the most fulfilling journey my friend: spiritual awakening. Just continue surrendering to speed up the process.

Go with god,
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go to

go to the arena and click on the hall of fame. looks like the right direction according to your post and what i understand of it.

have fun.
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