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Ahhh it all just clicked this morning.  Last night, and life in general makes more sense now! I was happy all morning for no damn reason, and it felt good! I realized I should be treating life and going out like I treat snowboarding, I just want to have the most fun.

Last night, even though I wanted to just be natural, my total mindframe was 'pick-up'. Any surprise I got NOWHERE? Then I was like "Augh, I can't get a girl, why can't I just do this?" and in turn, was having not a lot of fun.  But that's not what it's about for me.

I should be going out to have fun. Not to test out methods or lines, but to have the most fun.  That's what I want to do. I want to have the most fun out of anyone in that club/bar. When I see a cutie I won't go, "Oh shit she's hot! pick up time!" I'll go, "Oh shit she's hot! I wonder if she has any value to add to my night!" Same thing with even other dudes! If a guy is having a ton of fun, I'll jump in! See what his party is all about! Add my fun in there with him! It's so much easier to have fun because it's all on you, but if my mindset is set to be happy and have fun from things I have no control over, I can't control my fun!

So here it is, I'm out for fun, because that's all on me. From now on my new question to myself is, no not even my question. My new statement to myself is, "Let's have more fun!"

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Acro21 wrote:
.........I'll go, "Oh shit she's hot! I wonder if she has any value to add to my night!""

I think you are thinking good, but you cannot go wondering if SHE will add value to your night, it should be the other way around...
Try always thinking "How can I do this moment more fun"...
Sometimes, I'm at the elevator or whatever, ask myself "how can I do this moment more fun", So I'll iniciate conversation with whoever is on that elevator.....

If you're in a bar, two chicks set...same thing.. how to do this more fun? Well how about showing them my magic tricks, which I don't know, but at the end when it doesn't work (because you don't know a fuck about MAGIC), you can go and say "hey guess what, since you are an even more magical creature than myself, my magic tricks won't work on you... did you cast a spell on me? you're bad... blah blah blah, basic shit...  and then they'll buy you a drink and the you close... and again and again 
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I mean it in a bit of a different way. I'm thinking more like, if they can't add value to my night I won't be with them long, however if the girl can add value to my night, I can add value to hers. So it's more like sorta test the waters, see what she's like, then switch gears from there. If she's interesting, then I'll shift my orientation towards giving value, and if she isn't then I'm outta there! Go on like that throughout the night until it's over! Right now I'm more focused on being able to have real, genuine fun every night. If I know I can have a good night every night, then I can gear towards picking up as well. But first I want to know if all else fails, I can still have a blast!
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