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So I have (re)learned how to control my breathing. Very interesing techniques. I have learned you can breathe through your stomach AND your chest, and how you use them makes a difference on the muscles being worked. All I have to do is focus on breathing through and out one of them, ideally the stomach, and my body stops moving vertically. I want to test how it helps with others work outs and functions as well.  Another thing that helps get through workouts or anything else is removing identity with the body. Instead of saying or thinking "My body is strained, or hurt or whatever," remembering the I am not my body solely, but much more. The thought "This body will not die/break from what it is doing. It may hurt it or strain, but it can go on." And it's true. The body may be indeed tired when working out, but it will not stop working  under conditions this easy.
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