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After last night there's a lot of things I want to internalize along with write down so I can remember what I can't internalize now.  I already have a FR up on my Ipad, so that will come later. It feels like FR's are for my outer game, and looking at how to improve that, then blogs are all on inner game. Not bad I suppose seeing I had terrible inner game and shit going on in my life that has to get handled before anything else starts.

Okay so......

Let's start with Jeffy, because that's what's on my mind.  I was listening to his Transformations part, and it struck me on many different levels.  I suppose that's also another good thing with developing depth within yourself, wise words, or even simple words can resonate with you on so many different levels. Jeffy talks about what happens after you get game, something I never really thought about. 

He talks about it not being a college course, do your 4 years and you're out, like I thought it was, or hoped it to be.  It could be a lifelong journey really.  He talks about before he couldn't get a girls phone number out at the club, now there are groups of girls chasing after him and trying to fuck with him at the local bars and clubs.

So the question is, what happens after I get "game"? Is it really just Hasta la vista to all of this?  No, I definitely doubt that.  Also, how do you know when you feel you've gotten to the level of game you want?

I believe it is by setting goals, focusing on them, and figuring out how you are going to achieve them. So what do I want out of this? What are my goals for pick up?

I want to be able to attract and open girls of any caliber. I want to learn the skillset to take these girls from meeting them in day game, or out in the clubs, back to the bedroom. I want to lose approach anxiety and the feeling of uncertainty of being able to open if a desirable girl walks by.

I understand those aren't easy goals, but it's what I want.  So how will I know when I'm there?

When I get no interference from my mind when I see a girl I would like to meet. When I can lead the interaction physically and verbally, escalating things in the appropriate I see fit in the interaction. When I'm comfortable with myself, what actions I take, and my beliefs. When I am 100% congruent with my 'core' feelings, not libing or acting in reaction, but what I know I want.

How will I achieve this? Consistency. I have to make these basic rookie mistakes before I can make the masters mistakes. I have to trust mysef a little bit more. I have to let go of the fear of rejection. I have to push the interaction physcially, leading at a pace my 'core' is happy with.

Okay there's that out of the way. Back to Jeffy.  I never realized it, but Jeffy really knows his shit. Sounds rather obvious, but there's a different feeling to him now. Before I thought he was just a little crazy, but because it's Jeffy it works for him. Looking at it now, there's truth behind everything he says or does.  He's been out so much, gone through the ups, the downs, that he knows where you're coming from, no matter where you are. Maybe that's why he pushes you, or gives you advice in a tone you might find harsh or offencive. It's beause he was there, and he pulled through. He's giving you the encouragement he wishes he had at those times in his life. There's a lot more to Jeffy than I originally thought....


I think I'm beginning to understand what it takes to get good at all this stuff, pick up, and self help. I've got to write stuff down and review it daily to weekly. I can't internalize everything, I'm learning and experiencing wayyy too much to internalize it all. Therefore I need to write down key points, or even in large detail, and read it over as days go by.  Each night, instead of fucking around on the computer, read what I've written, come to terms with it, and internalize it.

Being out here in Montreal is great, yet there's so much I forget already that I wish I had taken down. It's okay I think though, seeing that I'm understanding to do all of this now.  So long as I'm starting to do this it's all going to work out.

Well that was a mental and verbal vomit, feels good to get it all out. Life is good. I want to say the next number of days are going to be good, but every day is good. I see that now.

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