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 So lately I've been talking with people about shit in their life and even in mine and realizing people are really fucked up. I'm doing better than ever, which is sick, but as long as I chip away at this thing, I'll always get better.

I've started to look at things I've wanted to excel at in my life and question why I want it.  

I want to develop the skillset required to consistently pull hot women, I want to become a great snowboarder, I want to become an excellent bartender and travel the world with it. I also want to develop a body physically strong and a living monument and statement of the dedication I can apply to something.

All of these things are going to require time. Lately I've been going out clubbing with my buddies and wanting to pull just to show them how good I am. Even though I'm not there yet.  I want to become a super good snowboarder to show my friends I can compete and even exceed their skills. I want to become a bartender with super skill for money right away. I want a beach body that girls will flock to.

All those things are short term skills that I want for validation that I'm AWESOME.

The thing is, I already know I'm awesome. And really, the journey to becoming good at something is the majority of the fun. So long as I'm constantly pushing myself at everything I do, I'll reach my goals. By then I'm sure I'll want to push myself even further. Thing is, don't stress, and enjoy the journey. So long as you are pushing towards your outcome, it will come up. 

I still have fun at the club, I love snowboarding, I love improving at bartending, it's not like these things aren't gonna be fun until I'm at a certain skill level, they're fun NOW. This has a lot to do with accepting myself, and accepting the stage I'm at, and as long as I'm always moving forward, there is nothing to NOT accept about myself, because I'm creating change within.

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