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 Yo whaddup. Today I was schooled by an old regular in town at the bar in the ways of living. I just applied them to pick up.

He was talking about learning to have. People try to give, but end up taking. You cannot give what you do not have, or realize you have. I immediately think about giving value. According to this, I must learn that I HAVE value, before I can give it.  And it made me happy. Just thinking about it made me feel good, realizing that because I'm the only me there is, that's value. Because of my unique personality, only because no one else can have it, I have value. I cant display high value or give value in a set, if I don't believe on the core level that I don't have value just for being me.

So learn to have. It's like appreciating what you have, learn it and GET it before you try to give it.

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