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Wow. It feels wierd, like I just don't know what to think.  I feel totally changed.  All of today I was pretty much in state, every girl I talked to I could make laugh with 30 seconds of talking to her, and just about whenever after. I felt or understood when I was being a chode, because I was in my head thinking about it. 

At some points I was slightly concerned, I was like "Am I being rude? I getting some interesting responses from people and some people aren't too stoked. This feels wierd."  Then I just realized I was being authentic, and that it felt wierd to be authentic, how crazy is that? I'm just speaking how I feel, and acting through my own intentions, and it feels wierd. But good. Feels like  a weight has been lifted off my chest. Things are starting to make sense, and I'm relaxed and smiling more.

Thank you Owen, if it wasn't for people like yourself and the whole RSD crew, I'm not sure if I ever would have made it here. But here I am, still alive, after everything, I. am. still. here. And it feels great!
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